SFA 5/29 14 rides in 2:15

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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 7:57 PM
Another beautiful day. Hey why not go to SFA before working this week? It's 2:30pm and they close at 6pm. After hitting a backup I arrive at the park around 3:45 and get a primo spot due to light crowds again. All coasters are running which has mostly been the norm this year. The breakdown went something like this: S:ROS 3 laps, Krypton Comet 1, JJ 1, Wild One 2, Two Face 2, Tower of Doom 1, S:ROS 2 more laps, Roar 1, Octopus 1. I rode the last row of Two Face for the first time in a while and seriously greyed out on the return trip through the loop. This is one serious ride. Roar was running kind of rough today for some reason. Fast Lane is in place and the three coasters are Roar, S:ROS, and Two Face. I'm not sure why it's on Roar as that ride never has long lines, but who am I to complain. Till next time.

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