SFA /5/18/02-The joker's back with a vengeance

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Sunday, May 19, 2002 8:33 AM

Even the overcast & rainy morning couldn't keep my friends and I away from SFA and after a 2 hour delay(we usually hit the road SFA bound at around 8:30 am) we left instead at around 11 am. Upon our arrival at the park at around 1 pm we notice that the parking lot was filling up rather fast and were surprised to see the attendance as high as it was despite the weather.Once inside we headed straight to gotham and Jokers jinx,this time it was no walk on like in years past and we decided to ride in car 6 back row,this ride has been totally transformed thanks to the new lap bars and I even had my hands up during the launch as well as the corkscrew,the only thing missing on joker is the ride pic,I wish they'ed bring it back. After our awesome ride on JJ we next headed to Batwing and low & behold Batwing is running 2 yes 2 trains! we immediately make a mad dash for the que and had to wait only 5 or 10 minutes for the front row,the ride was a bit smoother than last time but a tad rough coming into the brake run.Next up on the agenda was S:ROS which had a long wait for the front even with 2 train operation,this time there wasn't any stapling at all so I fully enjoyed every minute of airtime.after our warm up rides in gotham city it was on to southwest territory and Two face was our next ride of the day,which was a walk on with little to no line at all and a 3 train wait for car#3,I was a bit uneasy during the entire ride due to a loosely adjusted restraint but enjoyed the ride non the less.We were getting a bit hungry by this time so we took a lunch break and had some rather good pizza afterwards it was back to the rides and wild one was next on the list,once again the wild one had a moderate wait for the front and delivered a strong ride,despite nearly being stapled in the front seat I got an unexpected airtime surprise on the 2nd drop and was out of my seat the whole time.Now it was time to hit some flats so tower of doom was next up,it seems that instead of putting new restraints in they simply repainted the original ones and we hit it just in time seeing as how it broke down a short time later.Next up it was on to skull island and Roar,my favorite woodie in the park,after a modest three train wait for the front we were treated to some great air time and lateral G's.Now it's time to hit some more flats so high seas was next up and as usual we waited for the far back which gave some great airtime for a flat ride then it was on to octopus as well as flying carousel.Next up on the coaster list is coyote creek and Mind eraser,once again I ended up in the blue train, row seven and didn't enjoy the ride at all,it was smooth but my restraint was so loose I almost fell out several tims during the ride and while loading I asked to be stapled but try as the attendant could my restraint wouldn't lock any tighter as a result I'm never riding in the blue train again.After a quick dinner break which included a great show at crazy horse saloon it was back to gotham and the joker once again,this time in the front row,once again a great ride and well worth the wait.After our front seat lap on the joker it was on to Batwing once again,this time they were back to single train operation and a breakdown but a short line,after the problem was resolved we get up to the platform only to encounter yet another breakdown,when trying to dispatch the train it rolled only 5 feet or so out from the gates and stopped deadmaintenance crews quickly fixed the problem and announced that they would be cycling the trains 3 times then reload.After passing the test runs and a two train wait for row 5 we were off and this time reclining on the lift unlike earlier when it was reclining in the station.We closed out our day with a 2 lap session on S:ROS,after coming into the station the first time we were treated to a surprise 2nd lap by the ride ops and we were on the last official train of the night. All in all it was another great day at SFA.

Sunday, May 19, 2002 8:39 AM

That sounds like a GREAT day at SFA. I have my season pass, but haven't been to the park yet this year. Hopefully I will get down there this coming weekend. Are both trains back on JJ, or is it still just the yellow one for right now? People must have caught on quick to the lapbar change because before JJ was ALWAYS a walk on. I'm glad Batwing is running 2 trains, or at least attempting to. Can they run all 3 trains at the same time, or is it just a spare? Once again, that seemed like a great day at SFA, and it seems as if the park improved on quality this year!

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Sunday, May 19, 2002 1:27 PM
As of now SFA only has the yellow train on JJ and the purple train has yet to be seen,as for Batwing I would love to see all 3 trains going but I doubt we'll ever see it happen I think the 3rd train is just used as a spare parts train.
Sunday, May 19, 2002 6:26 PM
I went in June to SFA last year and it was my first trip. I liked the park and the only thing I waited for was Batwing but I don't remember seeing 3 trains. One was running and one was on the transfur track and showed no sign of being used. I also thought Batwing and SROS are WAY over rated. It was a great day with no lines though. Joker was only running the purple train at that time.

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