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Wednesday, May 2, 2001 5:00 PM
I decided to take the 45 minute trip to SFA and use my season pass to get in. I got there about 10:15, right before the park was about to open. So right when the park opened i ran back to SROS. I got on the first ride of the day in the front seat. WOW, what a ride this is. Great speed and the third hill on this gives you the best airtime i have ever experienced. I also noticed someting going up the lift hill of SROS, BATWING IS FINISHED. All they have to do is build the station and test it and it will be ready to go. Next i decided to hop on JJ. The blast is the only good part on this ride. The rest of it just hurt my head. Then went over to 2face. This ride is great. I also noticed that going up on the 2face lift hill i looked over and saw the Batwing trains covered in plastic. Wont be long now. Decided then to go over to roar. This is now one of my favorite woodies. Great airtime. Then i decided to go over to the mind eraser. The name of this ride tells you everything. I really like the fly-by the station on this ride. After that i grabbed another 2 rides on SROS, took some pics of Batwing, and called it a day.
Overall, it was a great park and i cant wait till batwing opens.

Take flight on Batwing in 2001
Thursday, May 3, 2001 3:04 AM
I was there that day too! Did you ride the Wild One? I really liked that coaster too.
Thursday, May 3, 2001 6:51 PM
I'm glad you liked Roar. I almost always try to ride it while I'm at the park. I think I've ridden it 100 times or more and it never bores me. The back seat is unbelievable. I also agree that hill number three on S:ROS has incredible airtime. You can make it even better or worse (depending on your mentality) by lifting your feet off the floor and removing your hands off the lapbar (if you already haven't).

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