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Sunday, April 21, 2002 8:28 PM

Decided it would be a good day to drop by. Turns out I was right. :)

Weather: cloudy most of the day, light rain from 2 till 4, but cleared up a bit later

Crowd: it's usual mildly rowdy self. Nothing out of the ordinary around here. *sigh*

non-coaster stuff: Started with the Octopus. Took foreve to get a cycle in as the ride op kept letting more people on after he closed and checked the bars. Got a great cycle though. Had the best spin I've had in a long time. :)

Caught the Western Stunt show, most of it anyway. Was suprisingly good. Really funny this weekend anyway with some excelent stunt falls and effects for once.

Coasters: Caught Roar right afetr the show. Found Go With Gravity who had a friend with him and another enthusiast at the platform. Got two rides, front and back. Man, Roar was absolutely hauling @$$ that day. Tore up the track all the way around. Even got a slight pop of air going over the third hill, that's how fast it was running. :):):)

Hopped back to Superman from there for a quick lap. Was going to do Batwing, but it broke down for a bit. :(

Superman was, well Superman. :) Running quite fast with mondo air all over the place. Good stuff. :)

Went from there over towards Wild One, saw the line, backed out because GWG had to run home real soon and back tracked to Two Face. Saw it had a big line amd GWG decided that he and his friend had to run. Me and Sharon, the other enthusiast (duh), went back to Wild One and grabbed the Schmeck seat (1.3).


WOW! Wild One was haulling even more @$$ then Roar. Airtime absolutely everywhere. The maitenence department reallt took good care of its baby this winter. Lots of new wood on the structure and it appears they may have preasure washed alot of the track wood. Lookin mighty fine. :) Riding might fine too. :):)

Went back towards Two Face from there and caught a ride in the back seat. Once again, it's usual intense self. :)

Went back towards Batwing and Superman from there and found that Batwing had broken down again. Decided to wait in the station house till they fixed the ride and was rewarded with two walk on laps after 10 minutes of waiting. Batwing, mmmmmmmmmmmm, :). Good rides on this one too.

After the 'Wing rides, hopped over to Superman to finish off the night with 3 more laps, one in the very front and two right at the very back in a double ride to wrap up a great day. :)

Staff was very friendly all over the place for the whole day, park was clean, weather held enough and was generally a great time. if you're ever lucky enough to be on one of the last 2 S:RoS trains of the day try organizing a "one more time" campaign with the whole train clapping. It worked for us! :)

Ready to spring into a new coaster season! :)

Sunday, April 21, 2002 8:59 PM
Nice Report! Did you see any Joker's Jinx action?

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Sunday, April 21, 2002 9:04 PM
Sorry. One of the trains, the yellow one, was there up on some metal frames. Still no sign of the purple on or anything that would look like equipment to put it back on the tracks. Here's hopping it won't take over a month to get it running.

Ready to spring into a new coaster season! :)

Monday, April 22, 2002 5:33 AM
Actually, the other so-called "enthusiast" you saw with Matt, name is Shannon. Watch out for her, she's a stalker!

I too was at the park on Saturday and saw GWG, Shannon and the other friend. Didnt talk for too long because I was "tour-guiding" my sister. One thing though that you've got to do if anyone visits the park is to check out the country show. There's this one woman in the WORD is she hot. I'm going to HAVE to holla at her someday...
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Monday, April 22, 2002 8:54 AM
Aww, you and your sis were there Jeremy. Dang. Guess we just missed one another, and I'll give you the chick in the Country show. Despite the fact that she looks more then a little out of place, she is H O T !

Ready to spring into a new coaster season! :)

Monday, April 22, 2002 12:09 PM
the entire yellow train is there, but it is not on the track. I'm sure sfa will be working on getting it on the track asap!
Tuesday, April 23, 2002 2:02 PM

"Actually, the other so-called "enthusiast" you saw with Matt, name is Shannon. Watch out for her, she's a stalker!"

Wait a second, I thought this was Jeremy's girlfriend? I swear I saw those two riding the teacups together on opening day??


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Tuesday, April 23, 2002 3:22 PM
No, they're not. And I was on that same ride. Different cup though. The lot of us just tend to run into each other every time we're there.

Ready to spring into a new coaster season! :)


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