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Wednesday, April 18, 2001 6:44 AM
OK I dont' really remember much from the first two days but I just want to say that the first day there was no lines and the second day there was medium lines. But anyway I'll show how many laps I took. I also want to clear up the confusion of the rides not being open, and saying that the only rides that weren't open wer Renegade River and High Seas (and the water park of coarse).


Roar: 1
Joker's Jinx:2
Two Face: 3 (all in the back!)
Wild One: 1

Two Face:1

(this day wasn't as superior)

I'll give a trip report for Monday.

SROS: (5 laps)

I rode this ride 5 times throughout the day and each one was a blessing, and just let me say, I never waited once. I even got a few rides in the front and back, and those were all religous experiences. I'm not going to go into detail about this ride becuase people have reviewed it before.

Two Face (two laps)

I've taking a special liking to this Invertigo (or all maybe Invertigoes. It's not the fact that the seats are in a face-off configururation, but it's the 5 g's you get in the back. If you ride one of these masterepieces, don't feal like you must conserve time by riding in the middle, just wait the extra 5 minutes to ride in the back.
The G-Forces you feal throughout the ride are inexplicable so I'm not going to attempt to describe them.

Roar(2 laps)

GCI's second woodie, it's actually a rather enjoyable experience. The curves and lateral G's on this coaster are immense, and surprisingly enough i actually felt some G-Force coming down the first drop.

JJ: I still can't figure out why people think that it has headbanging. I think that the twists and turns (spaggehtti bowl) of the ride make it fun and futhermore unique. But if you think that the horsecollar makes the ride too unenjoyable and not worthy of your time, then at least watch it take it's coarse around SROS. ON a closing note I think that the last corkskrew/flatspin is nice.

Wild One (1 lap)

This is a rather unique, however boring ride. My justification for it's uniqueness is that it is the only ride that is not a clone or has not been cloned in the park. Futhermore, I heard that it is one of the few remaining coasters to contain a "double dip" and "double up" mounuver. But anyway, I think it's boring because of the sole fact that it is merely a non-racing out-and-back woodie (however the return trip does offer some intriging air time (however not -g's)). I found out a fun way to ride this coaster. Ride it in the back and then look behind you the whole ride. It's almost scary because you think that your going to fall out.

Minderaser (1 lap)

This is just a standard SLC, and I'm sure that it's been reviewed houndreds of times, so I'm not going to waste bandwidth.

Inconclusion, this is SFA homepark and I like it, and see great potential in it. I also come here about 12 times a year so I want some more coasters for it.

Oh yeah, in case everybody doesn't already know SFA is infact getting a Sky coaster, and first drop, teh lift hill, helix and various othe elements that a FD may contain are constructed for Batwing.

What is life with out coasters, geniuses, and/or SFA

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Wednesday, April 18, 2001 8:27 AM
Coasergenius, your trip reports are from May. April is month number 4. And, Roar is GCI's second woodie. The first is Wildcat at Hersheypark.
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 11:16 AM
I did say 4, which part are reffering to, because I may have overlooked a certian section of my post. But otherwise I can assure you that I notify the dates as 4 rather then 5. I have also read from a multitude of reliable sources that Roar is GCI's first creation. Does anybody know the truth of this matter?

What is life with out coasters, geniuses, and/or SFA
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 11:24 AM
Hershey Wildcat-1996
SFA Roar-1998

Just checked the rides section of this site.
I guess your not the genius now.
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 11:43 AM
Sorry I just remember reading that somewhere. I am only as correct as my sources are reliable, but you're right I should have double checked my sources before publishing the information, I'll go back and edit my post incorperating the correct data.

What is life with out coasters, geniuses, and/or SFA
Wednesday, April 18, 2001 12:21 PM
i can't believe that the words "Wild One" and "boring" are in the same sentence.

But whatever you dig, more power to ya.

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