SFA 10/27/01-last bash of the season.

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Sunday, October 28, 2001 6:43 AM
Well it's that time of year again,the dreaded off season so me and the guys headed out to SFA for one last trip to get our last rides of the season in.We arrived shortly after opening and after waiting a while at the ticket window for info on season passes for 02 we were given forms to fill out and mail in.(my friends had to do this but as for me my pass was already purchased the day before).once inside the park we find that despite the chilly temperatures that the place was crowded with full lines extending well outside the que's for most of the coasters.As usual the first ride of the day was Batwing which was only running 1 train(better luck next season).After a 40 minute wait we were off a great ride as always but I just hate the wait.Next on the morning ride agenda S:ROS which had a wait time of 20 minutes for the front seat.While onboard we could get a decent view of the site clearing going on for 02.It looks like they probably could fit yet another coaster back there but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.After a quick lunch break (I took a chance on eating a hot dog)it was time to hit some wood so wild one was the next stop while on the way to wild one we saw that the line for 2 face stretched well beyond the que(far from the walk on that it was 3 weeks earlier)so that ride was out of the question all day.As we approached wild one it was another long line,the longest I've seen in a while but with 2 train operation the wait was about 30 minutes for the front we also hit tower of doom seeing as it's right next to wild one.Next up roar,again another long line but not too long of a wait for the middle of the train.After roar it was a quick dinner break (this time for pizza)and a trip on the octopus(I'm surprised I kept my dinner down during that ride).Next up mind eraser,once again long lines but a rather fast 10 to 15 minute wait for the middle of the train.(I find the front smoother).We decided to que up for the hay ride(which was a waste of time this year)while not as bad as the train it just wasn't as good as last time.After the hay ride we took one last ride on batwing for the season.After waiting 2 hours in line (due to 8 people cutting in line)we finally got on As always a graet night ride.After batwing we saw that S:ROS was still running so we jumped in line,this would be the last ride of the night and the season,The airtime was great.I couldn't think of a better way than that to end the season.Well now it's 6 months of waiting and watching to see what coaster season 02 has in store for SFA.(please let it be b&m for 02see ya' ll at the park next season.

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