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Friday, August 2, 2002 4:45 PM

**WARNING** This is a long trip report so if your going to read it, it might take awhile.

The trip started out at 6 AM on Sunday morning. The plan was to be a full day at SF America on Sunday then Tuesday at PKD til 2 ish then stay til 6 at SF America then a few hours at SF America at SFA again. Those plans would change though. We had just got home from Lake Compounce and Quasy so everyone was pretty tired.

We left our house at 6 oclock and started the 5 hour drive to SFA. So we were supposed to get there at 11. There was virtually nobody on the road so we made it down pretty fast. The car ride was long and boring and I slept for 3 hours so there is nothing to say there.

We made it to SFA at 10:28, 2 minutes before opening! We used or Six Flags season passes to get in and we bought some fast passes even though we didn't need them at all.

We entered the park and waited for the rope drop a few minutes later. My sister and I jogged for Superman even though she wanted to go to Batwing first. There weren't enough people in the station to fill a train. After about 5 test runs we hopped into seat 2.1.

** Superman: ROS ** (#96)

The lift felt pretty fast. I got the left seat and while going up the lift I noticed people exiting the station because batwing hadn't even started testing yet. Superman is a great ride but it has way to many flat track and the pacing isn't that good. There is one hill after the first helix, that is beside the second hill that ejects you from your seat. It gave great airtime. Then the rest of the bunny-hills into the station were great. Rating-4/5 We then jumped right back in line and got another excellent ride somewhere near the back of the train.

Next we walked over to Joker's Jinx for a ride. Joker was a walk-on but we just rode once in the morning to get it over and to get to Batwing. Joker's launch sort of blasts you a little then it gets stronger. The ride was not rough at all with no head-banging so it was over-all fun. Rating-3.5/5

** Joker's Jinx ** (97)

Next we went over to Batwing and after 5 minutes they tested a few trains then we waited 2 trains for the front row. I learned later on this trip not to ride Vekoma flyers anywhere but the front. Everywhere else to me is just boring and rough. I got strapped in and after a slow dispatch was off. The turnover at the top is great and the whole ride is fun. Also it's cool to wave to the back of the train in the loop. Then the inline twists then the helix then the brakes hit hard. it was 102 degrees so it sucked. We had to sit there facing the sun on our back for about 5 minutes while the ride ops strugled to dispatch the next train. Also only one station with 2 trains running. Rating-4/5

** Batwing ** (#98)

After that we got some free water and looked at a map to find one more coaster. My plan was to get 99 then have Hypersonic tomorrow be 100. We decided to hit Roar next. There was no wait, We got seat 2.1. Roar is a great coaster. It has no straight drops though I think. The pacing is great but it doesn't rank in the top 5 wood for me. Rating-3/5

** Roar ** (#99)

Next we went back to Superman for a ride near the front. It was a lot better near the back because the drop holds you for a while in the front. I love the ejector air on that one hill.

Next we took a ride on the Tower of Doom with a 10 minute wait. Like other people said, 3 seconds of fun. Rating-3/5

We then left with my father to our hotel. We would come back to the park at night for a while. It was supposed to be a Days Inn but it turned out to be a Hampton Inn. We got to the Days Inn to find a dark un-airconditioned lobby then the room was the same so we left for a different one.

We found a Hampton Inn except it was across from the highway and we were on the highway and there was no exit for it. So after going around in circles for an hour we get there phone number from information and finally get directions It still took us 15 minutes to get there but when we got there, it was expensive so we now had a new plan. We were going to go to PKD tomorrow then SFA in the evening then home.

At about 4 oclock we left the hotel to get KFC and go back to the park. We ate at place that was half Taco Bell and half KFC. I got some food then we left for the park. Our plan was to use the fast passes on Batwing and Superman then use the extra one for me on Superman because I didn't want to die in the heat on the brakes of Batwing. And yes it was that hot that I would turn down a better coaster for sitting in the heat.

We got there and went straight for Superman. We got on it with the fast passes and noticed for some seats there was no wait! Man I felt like an idiot. Anyway we got 1 good ride on it near the back. Still love that one hill after the first helix. I got another while my sister waited in the freeeezing gift shop thing. Still a great ride. Rating- Both rides 4/5 Note: Has anyone noticed that they have these things that you buy in front of any coaster that have stats and a picture of the ride and at the exit you punch the card to show you have been on it. They have them on Great Chase

We next got onto Batwing. this is where I noticed how rough and boring it is anywhere but the front. The ride is great in the front though. After the ride we had to sit on the brakes for only a few minutes but it sucked because it was so hot. Rating-2/5

Now with all the fast passes gone we went to Joker's Jinx. I now learned this is always a walk-on. We walked onto the front seat. The ride ops were having fun launching it like saying 10, 9, 8, LAUNCH! We got 11 rides on Joker within 45 min. Rating-3.5/5

I noticed the skycoaster and there is 5 bucks off with the fast pass purchase. So it would only be 20 bucks for my sister and I. We were going to think about it. We went on the one at Cedar Point and loved it but we wanted to ride the one at SFgadv with our friends. We got some water and left for the hotel.

We went to the pool then went to sleep. We called in for a 5:45 AM wake-up call. 7:11 tomorrow morning I wake up and say "What Time is it". They forget to wake us up and we were supposed to be on the road by 7:00. We rushed to check out and we quickly got some breakfast. We packed and were off by 7:50. Also on our way out we told them about the alarm and they gave us the night for free! We just saved $119 there!

The drive to PKD was pretty boring. About 5 minutes of traffic on the border to Virginia. I couldn't get to sleep so I just rested and got everything ready. We arrived at PKD at 9:15! Only 15 minutes off schedule so we were pretty happy. They started letting cars into the lot 5 minutes after we got there. While we were waiting to get in on the West side I went across the street for a bathroom and found a hotel, restaurant thing. Anyone know what that is called?

I noticed it said Hypersonic XLC will open at 1:00 even though it opened at 11:00. They let us into the park and we waited about 15 min to get into the park. We got in then while the areas were still blocked off went on the Eiffel Tower for picture taking. There is a great view on top of the Eiffel Tower. They let us in and we went to Volcano since Hypersonic would open a little later even though I wanted to go to Hypersonic even if it didn’t open.

On the way to Volcano I went right at the first corner and got in front of the whole crowd. Then I got yelled at and had to go back. I got there and decided to wait out the front because it would be my only ride on Volcano. I lost my sister on the way to Volcano because she couldn't find me when I got ahead of her.

I got on Volcano within a 3 train wait with some guy because I didn’t see my sister. The ride is great in the front. I rode in the 2nd row last year and it is a lot better in the front. The visuals in the inline-twists are incredible. It is like an Impulse Coaster because you can see they look like the go into a flat corkscrew because it doesn’t look like a regular zero-g roll. The launch is great too and later I found my sister who got in line and waited 5 trains for her to get the back.

Next we walked to Hypersonic and I saw it was already open! I ran and got in line. They were letting people in 8 at a time as trains launch. The wait was 20 minutes for the back. We didn’t want to wait for the front the first time because we didn’t want to have it break down while waiting for the front. I got the left side first. It stops you in front of the lights then a strange voice says “Face Forward. Keep your head against the headrest. Your arms must be down” Then the launch happens. It feels like getting shot out of a cannon. Then the first hill that was also incredible. Then the photo the bunny hop and the loud brakes. An incredible ride! Rating 5/5

** Hypersonic XLC ** (#100)

My first ride was insane. My hands wouldn’t stop sweating. I got a great on ride photo. My shirt was over my shoulder from the launch. This time the wait was 30 min and we waited for the front. The front was the best ride on a coaster I have ever had. It is smoother than the back and it feels faster. Hypersonic is now my #1 coaster. I also got a Hypersonic shirt and visor.

We next went over to the only coaster I hadn’t been at PKD which was Avalanche. It was a 2 train wait. We got the Canada car. The seating is strange with one restraint and the person in the back straddles the person with the restraint. The ride overall was great for a bobsled. The helixes and everything were fun. I just have a question. How does it stay on the track besides gravity. I saw rails below the track. Are they magnetic? Rating-3/5

** Avalanche ** (#101)

Then we got some free water and left for home. Also on the way out I bought some souvenirs. It was a very short visit. But it was basically all for Hypersonic. We also had to get home by a certain time so that was one reason.

We found my father and left for SFA. I fell asleep ¼ of the way there. (The drive was 1 hour 30 minutes). We got there at around 4:00 and we bought some more fast passes. We decided not to ride the skycoaster.

We went to Two Face first. Why do people talk about the horrible capacity and long lines? It was a 1 train wait. The ride was really fun and disorienting. Rating- 3.5/5

** Two Face: TFS ** (#102)

Then I found Wild One and got on with a 1 train wait. Wild One looks like it is rough but it was fun and a great ride. Nice airtime and speed. Rating-3/5

** Wild One ** (#103)

We then went to Superman. We both got a great ride somewhere near the back. Then again my sister went to the gift shop while I got another ride on it. Same ride as before basically. Rating 4/5 Note: I didn’t get to ride Typhoon Sea Coaster.

We then went to Batwing. A rough ride near the back. I used my fast pass. The queue was ¼ full for the regular line. It is a fun ride but nothing compared to the front. Rating-3.5/5

Now I went a got another walk-on on Great Chase. No height restriction there. Also there is nothing to say about the coaster. It looks like a Wood Stock’s Express clone. Cloned kiddy coasters

** Great Chase** (#104)

Now I went to the least popular coaster……. Mind Eraser. At SFNE I hit my foot on something that looked like a support. I actually skimmed it. I was a little nervous about riding this. My 5th SLC I think. It was a rough and boring ride. Also a walk-on. Rating-1/5

** Mind Eraser ** (#105)

Then I wanted one last ride on Superman. We got the back seat with a 5 minute wait. Why is SFA’s S:ROS have walk-on to 10 min lines in the afternoon on a weekend when at SFNE it has 2 and a half hour lines? I got a great back-seat ride. Left my lap bar a little up for a great ride. Nice airtime. Rating-4.5/5

Then we left SFA. Now my Coaster Count stands at 105. Overall it was a great trip even though the trouble with the hotel and the wake-up call. Also I now have a new #1 coaster.

Thanks For Reading,


*** This post was edited by SFgadvMAN on 8/2/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by SFgadvMAN on 8/2/2002. ***

Friday, August 2, 2002 5:09 PM

Sounds like an awesome trip! I felt the exact same way you did on my first time on Hypersonic. Which visor did you get? The white one or the dark colored one? I had to buy some type of souvenir so I got the white visor. That one shirt for XLC looked very cool (the one where the car looked like a dragster) but I only bought the visor.

That's cool that Hypersonic was your 100th coaster. :)

Friday, August 2, 2002 5:13 PM
Thanks Roxy. I got the White one. I saw the shirt that looked like a dragster but I didn't get it because it was too much $$.


Friday, August 2, 2002 5:15 PM

Well that was a mighty long but interesting trip report, I never knew they added a collector's card for Great chase so it look's as if I'll have to grab one on my next visit.

Too bad you mised out on Typhoon seacoaster because it is a unique ride experience as well as a good way to beat the heat and I'm really surprised to see that JJ was a walk on,ever since the new trains were added it's always had a moderate line especially on saturdays.

As for your PKD trip it sounds like you got to ride most of the coasters that the park has to offer but it looks like you missed some of the best woodies in the area such as Grizzly which is a must ride especially at night,while you were at PKD did you see any construction progress on PKD's gyro drop as well as any land clearing at SFA to the right of Batwing? I've heard that land clearing at SFA in that area has begun.

Friday, August 2, 2002 5:17 PM
No I didn't see construction for the new ride at either place. I had aleady been on there woodies last time I was there so it was no problem.


Saturday, August 3, 2002 4:27 AM
SFA sounds like it was fun, interesting that Batwing is much better in front. I am also very interested to see what Wild One is like now. How many fast line passes do you think I should get for a Sunday?
Saturday, August 3, 2002 4:59 AM
I would get one because batwing gets long lines.


Saturday, August 3, 2002 12:47 PM
Odd I was at SFNE on a saturday and waited about an hour for the front.
Saturday, August 3, 2002 2:34 PM
What does SFNE have to do with it? they don't even have a flying coaster of any kind yet.
Sunday, August 4, 2002 2:11 PM

Congratulations on 100 coasters. Hopefully by next year I will hit that mark. Good TR.

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)


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