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Saturday, September 15, 2001 8:21 PM
My buddies and I got to SFA around 11:00am. And our first order of business was to ride Superman Ride of steel. We usually start our day at SFA with the flight on Batwing. We decided to ride the Ride Of steel. Because we have not ridden it at all the last time we went to SFA it was closed all day long. This was on our 8-25-01 trips to SFA. The lines on Superman Ride Of steel were not very long. It took us 25 minutes to get on the Ride Of Steel.
After a nice flight on Big Red we were going to ride Batwing. But as we were in line for Superman Ride of Steel Batwing was stuck on the lift hill with people on it. After waiting a long time they had to evacuate the train one row at a time. They finally got ever one off the train so that they could send it down with out any passengers on it. It was the first time that we saw Batwing stuck with people on it since Batwing first opened up.
So after a ride on Big Red we decided to check out on what’s going on with Batwing.
But the section was closed so we ask when will they reopen Batwing they said as soon as possible. So we went for a woody coaster and the lines were not as long even the line for the front seat was not long. It took us about 17 minutes to get on Wild One. After we rode Wild One we headed strait for the Iron Eagle. And it’s lines were not long ether.
Our next ride stop is Roar but when we got up to Roar it was shut down because of problems that they were having. And will reopen it as soon as possible. Then we took a lunch break at Crazy Horse Saloon. It’s a great place to eat lunch or dinner and if you have not been their it’s a must place to eat. Rate for Crazy Horse saloon is a 100 percent.
Good eating. After lunch we headed right straight
for Batwing and it was a walk on when we got there. It had only taken us 2 minutes to get on Batwing. After we rode Batwing we took a look at out pictures and got right back in line for another flight run on Batwing. On our second run it had taken us about 15 minutes to get on it.
Then we went back for a ride on roar and it was running again and the lines were not long even for the front seat. It took us less then 10 minutes to get on Roar. Then it was off to ride Mind Eraser and it’s line were not very long at all. It only took us 10-15 minutes to get on this ride. We even rode the flying Carol sells it’s lines were also not very long and taken us only 25 minutes to get on it. Then it was off for our second round of Wild One and again the lines were not long. After that we took our Second go around on the Ride of Steel. Then we made our way to Batwing for our third time we had been waiting for 1:54 minutes because Batwing had been breaking down two times while we were in line.
Then they had to evacuate part of the train again. After that they send the train down with people on it. And after the train got back into the station they had to test it out two times and every one who was in the line for Batwing was chanting go,go,go,go.
As the Batwing train was going up the lift hill. After all that we finally got on Batwing about 15 minute after the park closed up for the day. I will rate this day at SFA an perfect 100 percent.


God Bless America.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2001 6:33 AM
Wow, there certainly were a lot of Coasterbuzz members at SFA on Saturday! It's a shame we couldn't all have gotten together.
Wednesday, September 19, 2001 12:19 PM
I was there too

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