SFA 5-18-02 a 100 percent day.

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Sunday, May 19, 2002 7:08 PM
rail junkie's avatar My Buddies pick me up around 11:45 am. We usually leave for SFA around 9:30 am.
One of my buddy called me up around 8:50 am and said that we were still on for SFA.So we left 2 hours later and arrived at SFA 1:00 pm. The park was crowed then we expected with the weather and all. So the first ride of the day was a ride on Joker Jinx and the lines were not to bad. We rode the Joker in the back seat. Because my friend wanted to see how the back seat was compare to the back seat on the old Joker’s trains and the new train was way much better then the old trains. There’s no more head banging around it’s so smooth.
The Joker’s Jinx was only running one train because the Purple train has not come in yet. After a ride on the Joker we took in a flight on Batwing and for the first time since Batwing first open that they were running 2 trains. And this was also the first time that Batwing was running o 2 trains since we rode for the very first time. Then after a flight on Batwing we took in another flight but this time it was on Superman Ride Of Steel. And the lines were not long at all you could say that Big Red was a walk on. Even the front row was not crowded at all. We only had to wait for about 4 runs before we got on it.
Then we took in a ride on Two Face The Flip Side and it was also a walk on witch is very unseal. Because Two Face The Flip Side is usually very crowed. After ridding Two Face we took a lunch break and has one slice of Pepperoni pizza and we each had a soda to drink. After lunch we took a ride on the Tower Of Doom the lines were not to bad. I am so glad that we rode the Tower Of Doom because later on in the day it broke down. And my other buddy never got to ride the Tower Of Doom at all. Then it was time to get wild on Wild One and its lines were not to bad it was also a walk on. And next it was off to a ride on Roar and its lines were not to bad even the front row was not crowded. After a coaster ride we took in some flat rides like the High Sea’s, the flying Carouse, The Octopus. After some flat rides it was time for a dinner break. We ate at Crazy horse Saloon were watched a country show while we sat down and ate. The country show was very good. Every one was clapping their hands. We even rode Mind Eraser and their lines were not very long too. So we ended our day at SFA with two coasters Batwing and Superman Ride Of Steel. Again the lines on Batwing were not very long despite of only running on only 1 train. After a night flight on Batwing . It was off for another Night flight on Superman Ride Of Steel. And we even got an reride on Big Red.

My Rates on Coasters at SFA are as following.

Batwing a 10+ Roar a 10 Wild One a 10 Joker’s Jinx a 10+ with the new lap bars.
Two Face a 10+ because of its short lines. Mind Eraser a 9 because my friend Shoulder restraint was not tight enough.


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