SF Worlds of Adventure 10/25

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Rained like a mo until I got off Serial Thriller. 7/10. Still smooth in the rain. Headed to the Sea World side, and the Killer Whale show again, and it was great. Its only going to get better. TV screen was off. 7/10. Its just great to sit there and see the coasters across the lake, like I did during the past 29 years I have been visiting that park.

Phantom of the Otter was again entertaining. The otter shot out of the toilet and hung on the chandelier. Minor problem. 8/10. Dolphin Harbor show was stopped after 5 minutes. The trainers let everybody come down and 'interact' with the dolphins. What a great thing for the guests to enjoy!

The stingrays were jumping, much to the delight of the guests. The girl working the pool was very friendly. Kept asking me about Sea World Orlando, even though I do not work there. Walked back to the Geauga Lake side. I think like only 200-300 people even showed up that day.

The Bobs was fast. 8/10. BKF was again my favotire floorless, even in the front. 9/10. Villian was a walk on for the front. 10/10.Double Loop was smooth in the rain. 7/10. I ended my day with Superman in the last seat. What a rush falling 180ft. 10/10. We need one of those.

That big guy at the entrance fascinates the kids. I think WofA will continue to be a great entertainment value for the region. Where else can you drop the grandparenst off for the day, and they are busy with the shows? Little kids are in heaven with BoomTown. Some of Sea Worlds operating philosophies are coming to a head, and someone is listening. Staffing is unbeliveable, outlets and rides are open, and that park can take in money, and move lines. For a SF, service was outstanding. I will be back.

"Step on that lapbar and make it nice and tight!"
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