SF season pass question

Thursday, June 28, 2001 5:06 PM
If I have a season pass for Six Flags, would I be able to use it at The Great Escape because it s owned by Six Flags but it isn't Six Flags park, well it probably will be soon.
Thursday, June 28, 2001 5:10 PM
It says on the site that it'll work. Heres the link:


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Thursday, June 28, 2001 5:18 PM
A six flags season pass works at every six flags park. To bad I don't travel much.
Thursday, June 28, 2001 5:39 PM
Great Escape is not a SF park, but this year I belive you can (I know with an SFDL pass you can). You can visit the Six Flags properties, but still not the waterparks... but in the past you couldn't. And as it states on the SF season pass website, you can do it :)

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Thursday, June 28, 2001 6:03 PM
My SFKK pass says "...your season pass may be used at any SF Theme Park, The Great Escape, and Wyandot Lake on reg. operating days (not valid at water parks or Frontier City/White Water Bay)..." it also says its not good during the KY state Fair.

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