SF Magic Mountain - 5/14/04

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First impression of the park was how EMPTY it was (we arrived about 10:30AM). It was a Friday, but the lack of people was pretty shocking.

Everything up until just after lunch was pretty much a walk-on. Viper (two trains) and Deja Vu were literal walk-ons. Viper was a bit rough (though not as bad as it's now deceased sibling Shockwave @ SF Great America!). We walked right on to Deja Vu - the California version definitely didn't change my opinion of this ride - I'm just not a big fan ... for some reason.

We then hit Ninja (two trains - also a walk-on) - this is such a "tame" but solid ride. Last few times I've been to the park it's been closed, so it was fun to ride it again. Goldrusher was next up - once again, a walk-on.

Our first actual line of the day was at Riddler's Revenge - and that was due to the fact they only had one train going. That (and it's popularity) equaled a 45 minute wait. Pretty shocking after walking on to everything prior. This ride makes Iron Wolf look silly - that's they way a standup should be done.

Goliath (one train) - man I love this ride. I don't think it gets nearly enough credit. That has to be one of the best first drops around. That helix is POWERFUL as well. This too was a walk-on.

Scream! was almost a walk-on - and was running nicely - though with only one train running (which made for a pretty long line by the time we got off). Anyone know why they have one of the trains lying in pieces right by the exit?

Collosus - not sure if this makes sense, but man that is a HEAVY ride. I've not been on a million rollercoasters, but I just don't like that ride at all. Once again, one train operation.

At this point of the day (about 3 or so) the park was getting pretty packed. They had a country concert going on at the park later on that invited ticketholders to come ride the rides before/during/after the show - this really helped to fill the parking lot up.

That said, X was a near walk-on. No doubt that the fact they were running two trains REALLY helped move things along. We waited about 10 minutes to get the front (though I don't know which would be better....the "front" or "back".....because of the way you face). Anyways, this ride is a lot of fun - and SO unpredictable and powerful. I've ridden it a few times, but I think it'd take several dozen rides to be able to "remember" what you're going to do next.

Superman, Psyclone, and Flashback were the major attractions that weren't open. Batman was open, but we decided to take a pass due to the line.

We hit a few of the flats around the park - and enjoyed the shady paths and nice greenery. My wife also "took a chance" on the sushi at the restaurant by Goliath's entrance - yes, she's still alive).

Overall we had a nice day - it got really hot, but (as I just mentioned) the park provides plenty of shaded areas to run to.

Random thoughts: I wonder if Superman will open (has it opened this year at all)? It hurts me to even LOOK at Flashback - man that's just a bad ride...both to RIDE and to LOOK at. Hurricane Harbor was closed - but ALL the slides/rides had the water running - odd. I've seen it said (and then criticized) before, but the reddish pavement there DOES make for a cooler environment - especially if you compare it to the blacktop at a park like SF Great America, for instance. Sounds silly, but I always seem to notice it.

On an unrelated note, we went to Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday - Jurassic Park (as always) was AWESOME. The Revenge of the Mummy has a way to go - but you can now see some of the rock facade being constructed/painted on the outside of the old E.T. building. Too bad we "just" missed it this year - but hopefully we'll be back because it sounds like it is going to be a great ride.

X and Deja walk ons. Cool. Seems like they need to get some trains on Goliath and Scream! though. I would say the train in pieces is the one from the accident (a girl was hit when he walked in front of it.) But it could just be the other train in rehab. *** Edited 5/18/2004 7:18:23 PM UTC by Willh51***
I wondered the same thing about the accident (and it's possible relation to that train sitting out) - but it's been awhile since the girl got hit/killed, and if it were some sort of "crime scene" reconstruction I sort of doubt that they'd have it lying out in the open like that - though I don't really know for sure, obviously.

I was SHOCKED to walk-on to both X and Scream! X was our last stop of the day so I asked some people coming off the ride how "bad" the wait was - they said "it's quick...don't worry." And, well, they couldn't have been more right. By far the shortest wait I've ever had on that ride - I guess it was an early birthday present from SF to me ;)

Sorry, fixed the gender.
I am officially jealous of you. The 2 times I was lucky enough to ride X, I had waits of 3.5 hours & 3 hours.
If you thought Collosus was "heavy", then be thankful that Psyclone was closed. I've been on quite a few coasters and Psyclone is one of the roughest, most bone jaring coasters I've been on.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Yah, I don't blame you for being jealous...I've been through the pain of waiting 2-3 hours for that ride as well in the past. I never imagined that I'd be able to basically walk-on at 3 o'clock on a Friday afternoon - shocking. I just wonder if it was one of those things where everyone just "figured" it would be a ridiculous wait and didn't want to bother with walking up the hill and across the bridge to wait for (what they thought would be) a long time? Whatever made it a walk-on, I was thankful!

As far as Psyclone, I totally agree. I was not the least bit saddened that it was closed. What's amazing to me is how GREAT a coaster Viper at SF Great America is, and how MISERABLE a ride Psyclone is. I think Magic Mountain is in need of a REAL wood coaster ;)

I waited 2 hours twice to ride X. Even after the second ride I couldn't have told you what I had experienced but I knew I loved it.
On our visit we jumped into the last train of Psyclone, got beat up and had to ride it again because of some restraint problem. Ouch.
I also love Riddler's Revenge and Goliath. I really enjoyed that park when I was there, including the sushi. Nice TR :)

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Willh51 said:
I would say the train in pieces is the one from the accident (a girl was hit when he walked in front of it.) But it could just be the other train in rehab.

It's just a train in rehab. It was there before the accident happened.

Thanks GoliathKills - seems a bit odd how the cars are just sort of in pieces like that all over the former parking lot.

And while we're talking about cars laying around the former lot - I noticed one of the Viper trains and a Psyclone train "parked" right there by Scream! as well (on the opposite side of where the Scream! cars were in pieces).

Also, GoliathKills....you're correct, Goliath DOES kill. What a great ride.

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As for the Psyclone trains, maybe they could be used as "lighter pine" to help *fix* the coaster....permanently! ;)

GoliathKills said:

Willh51 said:
I would say the train in pieces is the one from the accident (a girl was hit when he walked in front of it.) But it could just be the other train in rehab.

It's just a train in rehab. It was there before the accident happened.

No, that train is the exact same one that was involved in the incident with the park employee. It's been sitting in the same spot for many weeks now. My assumption is that the park is waiting for replacment parts that may have been damaged in the collision.

You are assuming it was the one involved in the accident. I was there a few weeks before the accident and the train was down there- in pieces, so you explination doesn't really make sense. *** Edited 5/22/2004 7:48:37 AM UTC by GoliathKills***

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