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Wednesday, May 18, 2005 3:21 PM
I am not going to say much because I am pooped.

LaRounde is a great little park.
I think it is even smaller than my homepark AW.

I have heard so many things about its dirtiness, but I was impressed. It was opening weekend.

Their version of Batman...B@M was actually rough. Hard to believe.

The Batman The Ride, sister was almost identical to AW's. The trains are a bit different, the ride was the same.

The Texas Cyclone cousin! WOW Incredible.
It's the smoothest woodie I have ever rode.
Airtime felt like a foot off my seat. Three amazing air lifts.
I now know a woodie can actually be much like a steel.
Fast and slow and suprises at every bend of track.

I love the Cyclone. I will worship the Monster. It is a perfect coaster.
Amazing to see what great designers can do!

The park is very balanced between thrill rides, flats, and kiddies as well!
They have a special bus from the metro that takes you right to the front gate! The whole set up was unbeatable, as well as an beautiful plot of land to be on. It's right on the banks of a very large river. St Lawerence!

The Montreal French are very tied to flair and the arts. The parks carries this tradition on.

It was a very small park, but left a lifetime impression


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