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Sunday, April 22, 2001 4:20 PM
The last time I was at KK was exactly 2 years ago. They have improved the park SOOO much since then. I know, they havent added hardly anything since Twisted Sisters, but they have added trees and flowers and really cleaned this place up. The atmosphere here is so much better than a few years ago. Bravo, Six Flags! Anyways... on to my day at the park....

Weather- A little overcast... high in the mid 70's, and a chance of rain.

Crowds- Large crowd, but not too long of lines.


HELLEVATOR- 6 - What a rush! Not as good as Power Tower or Drop Zone, but still fun. The line was fairly long...but it was worthit.

CHANG- 9 - MUCH better than Mantis. I love this coaster. The drop is one of the coolest i have been on. I love the first loop and the final corkscrews... Gotta love Chang!! Longest wait on the day.. about 25 min.

T2 - 5 - It is "ok". Not as good as all of the B&M's, but it is still fun. EXTREMELY Intense and fairly rough. Not as much headbanging as i was led to believe. 5 min. wait.

Thunder Run - 8 - What a gem of a ride. This ranks right up there with the Raven in my books. It is fun, exciting, and has EJECTOR air on the first four bunny hills. I was VERY surprised.. the ONLY negative was the fact that it was "kinda" short. Oh, I wished it was longer.
Short Line.

Twisted Sisters -
Pink - 7 - Fun ride with good laterals. The dueling effect wasnt as scary as i suspected it might be. WALK ON!!! Got to stay on for rerides!!

Green (BACKSEAT!!) - 8.5 - AMAZING!!! this thing rips through the track and has *awesome* airtime combined with great laterals, a twisted track, and a GREAT helix finale. WALK ON!! RERIDES!! (the backseat is the only seat worth riding on the green one... it blew me away, though)

Road Runner Express- 6 - Seemed much better and FASTER than most crazy mouse's i have been on. I love this ride because it is just plain FUN, something the rollercoaster world is missing.

OVERALL - 8 - SFKK is begining to really stand out as a great family park. The atmosphere rocks, the scenery is very pretty... The park was spotlessly clean (rare for SFKK) and the food was good. Not to mention the rides. All 7 rollercoasters (including rollerskater) are world class and are just exceptionally well maintained and thrilling rides. The need to add a few more rides and rollercoasters and then PKI will begin to feel some serious competition. Oh, by the way i STRONGLY reccommend this park, and i don't do that too often!

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