SF Great America strategy?

Saturday, July 15, 2000 12:19 AM
For anyone who can call Six Flags Great America there home park, or who has been there enough to have formed a strategy please share? I noticed the park is almost a circle, whats the general direction the GP goes, or should I start in the back? And what rides have the shortest lines when? Any information on this park would help. Thanks!

What's life if you never get to the Point?
Saturday, July 15, 2000 7:06 AM
When I enter the park I always go to the right of the huge water pond. Your first coaster to hit should be Viper, then Raging bull, Giant Drop, American Eagle, Viper seem to have the longest and slowest line. I usually save Shockwave for last on the way out, it will be a walk on.
Saturday, July 15, 2000 8:31 AM
I agree with mechatech on walking right. The American Eagle is a near walk on, even on busy days, when both cars are running. Ride the Viper in the dark if you can, it's incredible! The queue for the giant drop is very slow moving.
Saturday, July 15, 2000 1:03 PM
Go right and hit the Raging Bull last.
It seems to have the fastest line.
Saturday, July 15, 2000 4:06 PM
Viper and Giant Drop will have the longest lines all day, that's why (if you get there when the park opens) go to Southwest territory 1st (coinicedently that means taking the right side from the park entrance). Plus most people go left because Shockwave is right there. At around lunch time, you will want to be around B:TR (thinking of the park as a clock face about 9 o'clock) because all the good food places are in County Fair and Home town Square. Shockwave should be a near walkon all day. Basically go to Viper and walk counterclock wise. Have a blast!
Saturday, July 15, 2000 6:27 PM
The key here is getting there prior to 10:00 AM. Like others on this post you then want to head right for RB. Everybody and there mother goes this direction but if you are near the front by the bridge then RB should be almost a walk on. Alot of times the Viper doesnt open until 2:00 PM so plan that time to hit Viper. If you can just try to avoid the weekends because the place is a madhouse but if you cant then like 2Hostyl said, walk the park counterclockwise. NOTE: I hope you have a SixFlags season pass because the admission to get in was just raised to $42.99(Ridiculously insane!!!!!) *** This post was edited by Chitown on 7/16/2000. ***

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