SF Great America opening day 4/24

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It was pretty murky out today - but all that thick fog made the park ,and especially the tall rides, very cool!

Whizzer unfortunately has been taken over by Karate Kid advertisements - I think the ride is called Karate Kid right now! But it's still the lovable Whizzer. The ends and beginnings of catwalks are now spray painted bright yellow, which doesn't look so good.

American Eagle is still running like a true BEAST, a real BAT outta hell... I dunno what they did to it to get it to run like this - been running this great since last year.

Little Dipper is coming along nice - looks great near Batman's first drop. I heard the ride will now be computerized - the skid brakes are staying, but no more brake lever. Orange seatbelts too.

The front plaza around the reflecting pool/carousel has all new Cedar Fair like concrete squares. The concrete is better than the former blacktop.

We were gonna do our once a year ride just to see if Iron Wolf is still its horribly wicked painful self, but decided against it.

Had several re-rides on my favorites, Whizzer, American Eagle and Demon. Overall a great day.


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