SF Great America 5/22/08 - DK

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Went to the park basically just to ride Dark Knight. Noticed many busses in the parking lot as it was Physics Day. Got to the rope by New Orleans Place at 9:40am.

The crowd at the rope was big, but I've seen bigger. Once the rope dropped at 10, the bulls were off. I did not run and went straight for DK. They had not opend the que yet and the line was not that long - I guess a lot of kids went to Superman. After around a 10 minute wait, they opened the que and in we went.

The switchbacks inside the old theater are crazy - very long as it they go from one side of the theater to the other. By the time the line stopped we were only in the second switchback. After about 20 minutes we were in the preshow room.

The preshow was nothing spectacular. The photo/movie montage was OK, but did nothing to add to the "theme" of the ride. Besides them mentioning the Joker in one of the news broadcasts you would have never known it was the Joker interupting the broadcast. (Maybe I didn't pay close enough attention to what the newpeople were saying)

The doors open and you walk to the station (I mentioned to my riding partner that with the switchbacks and walk to the station, it felt like the walk back to the Eagle now - very long)

The station was cool looking and the cars looked great. We hopped in the second row and we were off. Climbing the lift hill it was exciting to hear all the noises coming from inside the building - kind of built up the excitement. But then the ride started :(

Although I knew what kind of ride it was (mouse) it really is nothing more than that. Hairpin, hairpin, hairpin - while FLYING by some scenes (I actually saw Batman - my friend did not). One nice dip and that's pretty much it. Needless to say I'm glad I only waited 20 minutes.

I can't even imagine waiting when the que is full - it will take forever. Don't get me wrong - it's a great addition for families and the such, but I would not personally wait more than 15 minutes for it - just way to short and not very exciting.

Walked around the park = waited 15 minutes for Bull and left. The kids were still pouring in.

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Hmm, so you didn't like it, I personally did but I guess you can't get all yes's for the ride. If I were you I would ride it again the second time on that ride makes all the difference.

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