SF Great Adventure trip!

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Monday, September 24, 2001 12:14 PM
I Went to Six Flags Great Adventure the other day, and it was great! First, I started my day off riding Great American Scream Machine, then I went over to batman and Robin: the chiller, as I was in line, the ride broke down :( .Then to stuntman's freefall, which was pretty good. Next over to Batman: The Ride, decent ride. then to the best one of the trip, NITRO! Tremendous airtime if you're in the back, cause the drop is steep, and the train starts to drop when the back is still on the lift hill. Then The 2nd best ride of the day, Medusa! Very Smooth and great thrilling ride! SIX FLAGS GREAT ADVENTURE IS THE BEST SIX FLAGS PARK!!!

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