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So Last week I went on a week long trip starting with SFGrad. First I'll start with my views on the park and then rate the coasters.

-I really enjoyed the park and it is now my fave SF park even though I haven't been to alot of SF parks
-The park was just a busy on the Mon & Tues, as it was on the Sun. Same waits all three days pretty much.
-The park had lots of trees which I loved. The more shade the better, considering it was over 100 every day I was there.
-They were stacking alot of trains on every coaster. I didn't see one crew not stack trains for more then 2 trains.
-It's a long walk from the one side of the park to the other. and there is nothing to hit inbetween.We kept walking from Nitro and Batman to Superman or Medusa.
-Got lots of rides on every coaster. At least 5 on all the big ones

Anyways on to the rides:

-Nitro: My first B&M hyper. I liked it alot. No dead spots, but it was not as intense as Intamins. I like both MF and S:ROS at SFDL better. They were stacking 2 trains on this ride. I could not believe it, considering its length and the fact theres no belt to check. Also I had heard their crew was really good.
-Skull Moutain: Surprising first drop but after that its just turns. not bad.
-Blackbeards: credit, next
-Medusa: People complain that this is rough and I see why, but it didn't take away from the ride for me. I like Dominator and Kraken alot more. I found Medusa to be terrible in the front. It was actually borring in the front.
-runaway Train-Credit, next
-Great American Scream Machine: Boy this ride is nuts. It had more breaks then any other coaster I've ridden and it still was hella intense. I already had a head ache before I rode so I didn't enjoy it but I could see why people like it.
-Superman UF: Liked this alot. Liked X-Flight more but Supes was still good. could use a few more inversions and it would have been top ten.
-Batman&Robin The Chiller: Only rode Robin cause Batman was closed. Love the launch, loved the inversions, loved the lapbars only. Loved the coaster. I really wish Batman side was open.
-Batman The Ride: My first ride on a Batman invert. I absolutely loved this coaster. It is now my #2 coaster. If it had of been a little more intense it would have been #1. It was non stop start to finnish. I could have rode all day. It was great in the back and the front. I cant wait to ride a clone and compare.
-Kingda Kaka: We ran right to Kingda Ka on the second day. It took an hour for them to open the coaster. But once they did we were 5 trains away from a front row ride. I really like the front row ride. the launch was awsome. the top hat was really good and the drop down was awsome.This didn't make my top ten but it was really good. I liked it much more then storm runner. I rode in the back once as well and found the ride terrible. The launch wasn't as good and everything about the top hat wasn't as good. No time for another front row ride.
Something funny I noticed about the launch. They wont launch till all the hands are down. The train before mine, there was a guy in the front with his hands up. They must have worned him about 15 times with the "arms down, head back, hold on" recording they have. He finally put his hands down, till they launched. That had to be the funniest thing I have ever seen.Also I think that Kingda Ka has to be the best addition to the park ever. Every person in the park was in love with Kingda Ka. Every person I heard talk about it after they got off said it was the best ever.

All in all I really liked this park. I liked the ride selection way better then Cedar Points. But Cedar Point has waaaaay better ride ops. I would still say Cedar Point is better. With the new wooden coaster, this park will without a doubt have the best selection of coasters anywhere.

Look for my second report soon on Dorney Park which was the 4th day of the trip. Thanks for reading

Top 5 wood: 1.Hades 2.Voyage 3.Boulder Dash 4.Avalanche 5.Legend
Top 5 Steel: 1.Maverick 2.Fire Dragon 3.Batman 4.Raptor 5.Ice Dragon

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