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Saturday, April 27, 2002 6:34 PM

We arrived at the park around 10am just when they were opening. Once we got in the park we went to get our season pass pics taken, there was no line and took less than 5 mins. It was looking a little cloudy and we had some light rain on and off during the day.

We started with a front seat ride on Medusa, and what else can I say about this ride except for AMAZING! It is one incredible ride. The order of the rides during the day are a little hazy, all I remember for sure are our first and last rides. I know all the rides we went on, just not the order.

We tried to get on the Runaway Train but it was down all day, same with Viper and Chiller. We got 2 rides on Skull Mountain, 1 in the back and 1 in the middle. I love when you can't see where you're going!! We got 1 ride on Rolling Thunder, and boy it was NOT enjoyable. First off, the ride looks like CRAP and like it is about to fall apart. Whenever you hit the bottom of a hill, it would practically break your back! I don't really recommend this ride at all! I thought it was worse than Hercules, much worse! We took a little spin on Blackbeard's Lost Treasure Train, we sat as far back as we could, the last 5 rows were closed off. It is a fun family coaster! We took 1 lap on Batman, I think we sat in the fifth or sixth row. It was smoother than I remembered, and VERY intense. It took me like 10 minutes before I could see straight! We tried out that Houdini ride, very strange! Another ride that took me a couple minutes to recover from, but I loved it! We took a spin on the tea cups, pirate ship, and then the ferris wheel for a little breather. We did Freefall, which it not the best drop ride, but decent. We did 2 rides on Nitro, somehow we ended up in the sixth row both times. We did it once during the middle of the day and also that is how we ended our day. Nitro is my new FAVORITE coaster! It was just absolutely incredible. The first drop in just breathtaking! And that helix....WHOA! I loved it!

I believe that is all the rides we did, there were quite a few that were down. I plan to go many more times this summer tho! So I will be able to do EVERYTHING!

Also sometime during our day, I think around 3 or so, we took a little break and drove through the Safari! What FUN! seriously though! There were 2 great highlights from the safari! The camels tried to eat the ball I had on my antenna so we had to open the sun roof to take it off! And then at the end with the monkeys! OMG! I had 1 monkey peeing on my right mirror, I had 2 humping on my left mirror, they were trying to take off one of my hubcaps, and then one ripped a piece of molding off of my door! It was SO funny tho! But then, this car behind us (during the monkey part) wasnt watching where they were going at hit my car!! Luckily there were no dents or scratches.

We left around 7, an hour before closing, because it was getting a little chilly and we didnt have coats or anything. All in all it was a pretty darn good day! But geez their food is expensive!

Dorney Junkie
TALON rocks! Peace out!


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