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Okay okay, before you rip me a new one for starting a thread on "is kingda ka open" I tried to call the park and the automated phone answering service is on a never ending loop. When I press talk to live human it loops back to the original options. Anyway, I am driving three hours tomorrow to SF Great Adventure and would like to know if Kingda Ka has been open this week. I know that there is no ability for anyone to tell me if it will be open tomorrow or not, but has it been running at all this week? Can anyone help me out? Thanks!!!!
according to www.gadv.com forums, KA was open yesterday when the park opened.


my son was there yesterday and said it had a delayed opening..but was open all day (long lines, tho)

...location and theming...thats the ticket....not always height or speed...
Bank on not getting on Ka. I don't wanna be a pecimist, but I have a season pass to Great Adventure and am there about every weekend and the ride is rarely ever open and when it is, the wait gets to the 3+ hr mark. I've only been on it twice this season. Its almost a matter of luck getting on that ride. Sad story I know, but unfortunately its true.
When the park opens and Kingda Ka isn't open, are there people waiting by the entrance until it does open?

Also, anyone know what is up with Scream Machine? A piece of the track is missing. I hope they're just replacing a part of the track and not taking it down. And I hope it reopens soon because I might go there this Friday. *** Edited 7/25/2006 4:52:34 PM UTC by NiTroFrEaK***

i agree dante. we have season passes too. i still haven't been on it yet. i have been to cedar point several times and always manage a few rides on tdd. i guess ka isnt in my cards. i hope it doesnt take me two years to get on el toro. i seem to have bad g.a. karma when it comes to the new coasters even though we visit at least 5-6 times a year.

...location and theming...thats the ticket....not always height or speed...
oops..typo..before i get hammered by the perfectionists out there..i meant "ttd"...!!!! :)

...location and theming...thats the ticket....not always height or speed...
Well, on my 1 trip to SFGAdv this season, on Memorial Day, KK was running fairly well. They were running 3 trains. I only waited around an hour or so.

Personally, to me, it's an ok ride, but I much prefer TTD and Xcellerator to it, mainly because of the OSTRs.

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I heard this about GASM

The peice of missing rail was removed by maintance on friday night after a wheel assembly (or bogie) broke off and caused damage to that section of rail, during a test run. there is some slight damage to other section of the rail they havent removed yet.


^ i have raed that, i also read it is just routine maintainence welding on the track. Which by proper operating procedure requires ALL trains to be of the regular track circut & on sorage track/shed (that is why we don't see any trains).
One should ask themselves if they want to ride a coaster, like Kingda Ka, if it's not regularly operating.

A day at the park is what you make it!

Hey Crash didn't they have the same problem with Chiller that's happened on GASM?

Seems like SFGRADV can't even keep the trains on their coasters from falling apart these days...definitely not a good thing if you ask me.

Regular welding on the track? Shouldn't that have been taken care of before the thing opened to the public last year?
Okay! I was able to ride KK at 4:30ish yesterday afternoon, and then a second time with Qbot about 20 minutes later. I was told that KK wouldn’t be open all day by the fastpass/Qbot people but alas. More on KK but after a few general comments….

I arrived at the park at 12 noon and grabbed a Qbot. I had to wait in line to cut lines. I bought the gold qbot- I hate spending this kind of $$ but I had just one day at the park and I knew the only way I could ride everything I wanted to ride would be with the assistance of Qbot. The park has made it this way by design. You HAVE TO buy a qbot if you want to ride more than a handful of rides in one day.

I wanted to get the superheros out of the way first, so off to B:TR. If I had to wait in line for this…..I would be angry, very much so. Half the people riding it are Qbot people…the other half people who waited over an hour. The ride ops were lazy. Nitro next. Love it! With gold qbot the wait was only 9 minutes a ride so I did it a second time before heading to El Toro.

Before El Toro I hopped on Superman which was a mere 10 minutes with the line cutting Qbot. El Toro- amazing! Someone else wrote a TR saying it reminded them of SROS at SFNE. I couldn’t agree more! It is a steel coaster covered in wood. The first drop reminds me of SROS without the tunnel at the bottom. Okay- they were only running one train for a chunk of time yesterday. Why?? Some people in line said they had been waiting for 3 hours. OUCH! I rode in the back. My second and third rides on El Toro (a 30 minute wait with linecutter qbot) were in the second and third seats back (I was alone, so I would sit with another single, etc). They did a great job policing this ride. People were handed a ticket to try and limit line jumping, etc. They had two checkpoints for qbot people…one at the beginning (they actually checked to see if you queued in the ride!) and another before entering the station to make sure you didn’t jump the queue. Another thing- what is it with people loosing their shirts on this ride? I saw two fly up and then land on the track. They then have to stop dispatch and fish the debris off the track.

I saw KK testing, so I ran over to the gate. Glad I did. I was 10th in line and by the time they opened the gate 30 minutes later the line was huge. People suck- they would walk all the way to the front and ask in a nice voice “is it opening” and then just stay there. By the time I finally got to the station somehow I was like 30th in line. How did that happen?! It was a total free for all and I did my best to protect my best interests and still I was foiled by people running through bushes, swinging down from trees, etc. I got on the first train of the day, in the back. Everyone wanted the front. I love the fear just before launch….it is that special feeling you get just once…then the ride is ordinary. The launch was weird. You could feel the motor pumping….almost pulsing you all the way to the hill. Don’t get me wrong, it is very fast and something I recommend to everyone to try. I wish they had a speedometer or something, it did not feel like 120 MPH. I do not know if this is normal or not, I have never ridden TTD and this was my first ride ever on KK. On the way out, I queued up another ride, just a 20 minute wait. Still a great rush of excitement, but lacking the fear of the first time!

I repeated a few other rides, etc. Now on to some comments. People were cutting the line cutters in the qbot lanes waiting for rides. On Nitro, I was greeted with “EXCUSE ME” as people cutted the line cutters. I couldn’t believe it! Nitro is a line cutters paradise. The park does not police the qbot entrance- anyone can just walk right in, qbot or not. The bathrooms were filthy. Sure there was soap, but hand soap won’t clean the urine off your shoes. The NJ turnpike has clean bathrooms. SF does not. Where are the flat rides? Great American Scream Machine- the missing piece of track was being reinstalled, it looks like it should be back up and running very soon. A good day, but only because I spent way too much on a gold qbot. It doesn’t and shouldn’t be this way. Why are there only one and two train operations on coasters designed for three?? *** Edited 7/27/2006 12:41:03 PM UTC by palwine***

Seems like SFGRADV can't even keep the trains on their coasters from falling apart these days...definitely not a good thing if you ask me.

What happened on Chiller was not GAdv's fault but due to a design flaw on the trains. I don't know the details of what's going on with GASM, but your comment is ignorant.


Every time I've been to Great Adventure, the trains seem to hold together just fine.

palwine said: It was a total free for all and I did my best to protect my best interests and still I was foiled by people running through bushes, swinging down from trees, etc.

LOL! Oh my goodness, that's horrible! Where was security?? *** Edited 7/27/2006 3:56:22 PM UTC by Coreo***

the pulse launch on Ka is normal, generally happens early on during the day, and as the ride warmes up later in the day the pulsses seems to taper & the laucnh is more li ke ttd. But since it opened later, naturally it pulsed later. I like the pule launch, i just wish i knew why that happened...
Anyone see the video of Kingda Ka i posted here: http://www.revver.com/video/40037/ . It was posted on Screamscape as well. Any feedback?

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