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Apologies if this has already been discussed elsewehere but I've been unable to locate anything using the search facility.

Could someone clarify the following for me please? How many times per rider per day can a SF Gold Flash Pass be used? I've looked at the SF website but the information contained therein is incomplete, confusing and ambiguous (there's a surprise). Against my better judgement I'm due to visit SFGtAd on what is likely to be a very busy day so I'll probably have to dig deep for one of these gizmos.

Thanks in advance.

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As many as you can use it.

Thanks :) Why couldn't the SF website have put it so clearly?
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SF isn't capable of the succinct clarity that GOnch possesses... ;)
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How does on obtain such a pass?

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It's easy, just hand over $70+ to SF. The sad thing is at Great Adventure, it's almost neccessary except on days the park is totally dead.
Yeah for 3 people the gold pass is about $140 .I had to use it saturday at great adventure because they had some cheerleader competition their and it was busy.

For busy days the gold pass is worth it. *** Edited 4/30/2007 6:07:26 PM UTC by majortom1981***

What I need is a "Gold" season pass. If one were available, what do you think SF would charge for it?
Probably about 49 Bucks! lol
as a shareholder of Lo-q I take exception to that comment. How on earth in the USA, the beacon of the worlds capitalism can you call providing a service people choose to buy conning people.

People buy higher value services all the time. If you dont like normal tv you buy cable, if you want a better view you pay higher priced tickets. If you dont want to queue you buy a gold qbot

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