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I escape work at about 3pm and start to head to pick up my coaster riding company for the night. While on the way, I hear on the radio that the NJ Turnpike Northbound is closed due to a bad accident so I start thinking how to avoid it. The alternate route took a little longer to get to the park but we still got there by 6PM so all in all good timing 4 hours of coasters will be a fine way to kick off the season.

We turn into the entrance road for GAdv wind through a few turn and then HOLY SH*T say my two buddies. Yep they saw Ka. Nice placement GAdv kinda reminded me of the first time I turned onto Cedar Point Causeway. Parked the car real fast and walked to the gates. Two of us had SFA season passes and the other friend needed to process his pass he bought at Pathmark. So we see where we thought he might need to do that outside the gates but alas it was not but what a great place to stop the lady in the booth was very helpful and the videos of Kingda Ka are awesome to watch.

A quick trip through the gates except I had to be scanned 2 times. Forgot about my glasses hard case having lots of metal in it so it set off the detector and off we were to the Season Pass Processing Center over by Spongebob. Once we got our friend in the processing line he said this might take a bit so go catch a ride while I do this. He meant to ride a coaster but no we wouldn't do that to him so we went over to the top spin which is right there.

This is where the theme for the night with customer service began to really set in. We go through the queue and the ops are smiling and conversing quickly with the patrons. We chose our seats in the second row and down come the harnesses. The program is changed from last season and seems to give 3 flips in after rising to the top the first swing around then no???? flips after the lock and lower face first to the bottom. Dissapointing program on the ride but great operators. 4/10. (and that includes extra credit for the ops)

After that ride we figured to scan the season pass line and see how far our friend got. SURPRISE! he was just walking out when our ride was over. So the three of us headed over to S:UF for our first coaster of the night. As we walk up the queue we get to the point where the back of the line is currently. About 1/2 a minute later we hear over the speakers, "We are sorry for the delay but we are currently experiencing difficulties. You may continue to wait or please feel free to experience one of our other attractions." My group turned around and decided to head for some torture on GASM.

After a two train wait we get in our seats and instantly my 6'+ tall friend says "OMG padding". After a nice little spiel on the mic the Main Op dispatches the train. Up the lift we go with me thinking I don't know why I got on this other than the hopes they did something to it. Down the drop and through loop one and I am in shock ....NO TRIMS? two more smooth fast loops and into Satans Curve we go. Nice laterals and a quick slowdown over the MCBR and down into a smooth forceful batwing, through the corkscrews and WOW that's the GASM I remember from years ago. You won me back GASM. 7/10

I am now stunned. Am I really at SFGAdv? ok it is a season pass holder night but this is not what I was used to at my home park.

S:UF is back running so we walk over to it and maybe a 4 train wait to get in the seats. As we are waiting for the train before us to get locked down a person on the train didn't have their feet right so they redid that persons feet and away they go. While waiting I am enjoying listening to the Op on the mike since he is saying different things to each of the 4 trains as they go. Thanks for making it better than the same thing over and over. Ride was the smooth B&M flying coaster with an awesome Pretzel Loop and then some swooping turns over rises and dips with a roll over right before the brake run. Maybe this ride needs another inversion or something but I am now to the point where S:UF is a one ride a trip attraction. 7/10

After this it seems that I am now the tour guide for our group and get to choose what we do as long as we get to do a few laps on Nitro and Batman The Ride... no CHILLER I am told by my tall friend. OK, I can do that.

I decide it's now time to walk through the Golden Kingdom and see what THEMING is at a Six Flags park. We walk in to the area and notice that part of the old west themed area has been changed to become the entrance to the Golden Kingdom. Wandering around we get to see the two 18 month old Golden Tiger cubs. Names are Kingda Ka (UGH!) and Reyna(sp?). Only words for these two....Cute and playful. One of the two found a sod patch that was loose and grabbed it and ran around with it tearing at it. A quick wander through the kiddie area seeing the new theming and being awestruck. NICE JOB here Six Flags. Now for the big shock of the night...Six Flags doesn't just give away the gate to Season Pass holders, they were giving away free sodas when you left the Golden Kingdom Kiddie Area. Thanks SFGAdv little things like that get noticed.

Being so close to Rolling Thunder and my love of wood coasters made me get nostalgic. I led my friends over to the line and After the longest wait of the night we board the Blue Train (it was the only train running). Two of us get in the second row of a car and the other got in the third row of the same car. Man it's two different rides and neither one is worth a reride to us unless they return it to racing. The second row seat is smooth and forceless and the third row is JACKHAMMERING so bad my friend who rode there broke out the aleve we brought:(. 3/10 Note to Six Flags next off season rehab this coaster or get a new wood coaster for SFGAdv.

A walk by the SBNO torture device known as Viper kinda like going to a viewing after someone died. But I had to say goodbye to this coaster correctly. I jokingling sang... NA NA NA NA ...NA NA NA NA ... HEY HEY HEY GOOODBYE and then I busted out laughing as my two friends echoed me.

Now it was time for Medusa. This is my Number 2 fav at GAdv and I was asked what my plans here for the rest of the night were and I said this is the end for this side of the park It was getting close to 8:00 and we had a lot to do yet. We decided since only one lap on Medusa let's make it a first row ride. It was getting colder and the mist of the drizzle of rain was becoming noticeable. Medusa is an awesome front row ride. You see everything coming and nothing below your feet but track and ground. As we zip through the course we start laughing hysterically. Yes we are all freezing but loving every second of this B&M masterpiece. 9/10

Walking through the back of the park we head past the stage for the Looney Toons show and the lake grandstand. This was when I remembered to remind my friends about the new shows this year. To which my friends replied that we will be back with as many people as we can get to come since those who don't ride will have stuff to do this year. Another good going SF.

Now for the biggest joke of the night. My tallest friend decided he wanted to credit Blackbeards Lost Treasure Train. This little coaster is a laugh filled riot for the speed it gets as it winds through its course. And getting out and seeing the tallest person in the train shoehorned in was a laugh so hard I was almost falling over minute. 5/10 (kiddie coaster on large bodies go rating 8/10.)

By this time the mist was now getting worse but we needed Nitro and Batman so we headed that direction only to find both close due to inclement weather right as we got to them. :( But hey we knew we were playing the dodge weather game when we left home.

We decided the night would end with a few flats and then some funnel cake. Ops on the Music Express and Spin Meister were smooth and nice ride cycles.

Now for the bad... and this is my only bad op moment of the night and it may be called nit picking. On the bumper cars (Autobahn) a young child on the cycle before us turned his car so he was heading the wrong way consitently and was almost head on hit many times. I thought that ops were supposed to do something to deter this since it can be very dangerous. Maybe with the speed of GAdv's cars it isn't too dangerous but still I thought the rule was as little wrong way driving as possible so as not to hurt someone. Call me a stickler but I thought the op should have tried to do something there.

An awesome funnel cake and then a slow walk out of the park stopping to check out the stores on the main entrance walkway.

Thanks GAdv for a wonderful night and YES to me there is Much improvement in the park so far this season. I will be back and see how a normal business day is and if it goes as well as this night went I will say JOB WELL DONE this season on improving the experience at what I think should be one of the top parks in the country. You are given some of the best equipment, with some minor exceptions (RT comes to mind as bad equipment) now with a commitment to customer service you can really shine.

Watch the tram car please....
i am surprised batman was closed. I have seen raptor run consistently at cp in any type of weather,lol.
Awesome. Seems as if they are off to a fantastic start. Hope this keeps up when the herds roll out in July!

Fate is the path of least resistance.

what is with Batman chiller.... I've been to the park servral times and no credit?? what is wrong

-Jeremy Laps on Kingda Ka: TBD Coastes/ Parks: 147/28 lol more than *pixie*
I was at the park twice on opening weekend and Robin was open both times on the Chiller. The park is coming along really really good this year and Im glad they realized that they are gonna need to improve since attendance is gonna go up a lot with KK.


I am asking about the batman side of it!! I have never seen it running since the change of the restraints

-Jeremy Laps on Kingda Ka: TBD Coastes/ Parks: 147/28 lol more than *pixie*
when did they change the restraints?? jeremy u know i rode the batman side of the chiller and it was way better then robin- but thats' just my opinion. the only thing i saw that was new was the paint job


Batman side wasn't open at all last year. If it was it was briefly. The restraints have been changed already so I don't know why its not open yet. But I am sure it will when summer comes around.


They changed the restaints because of SOB. Permeir saw that the restraint system worked for SOB, so they back fit all of their rides (Flight of Fear, Chiller, Etc.) And just like Mummy has a version of the system.

-Jeremy Laps on Kingda Ka: TBD Coastes/ Parks: 147/28 lol more than *pixie*
*pixie*, they took the otsrs off Chiller for a lap bar system either last season or the season before.

Earnhardt, I have heard many rumors as to why the batman side is not run. one is that the power it takes to run both sides is too much of a drain? now that seems rediculous to me since they should have known that before putting it in. another is that it does operate but just not every day. I got the credit on it the first year it was in operation so i am not sure but i would love for it to run now that they don't need otsrs. I prefer robin to me the cobra roll is better than the top hat.

antuan, yes i am also waiting for final judgement til mid summer but i am giving them credit for the effort so far.

Watch the tram car please....
Nice trip report. I'm glad others are noticing these changes and actually commenting on them. It seems only the bad gets posted anymore. Espically with a Six Flags park.

As for Chiller, it has nothing at all to do with power. They just can't launch at the EXACT same time. A slight delay is needed.

It ran the first 2 months of last year and then had LIM issues. The LIMS were sent out and took several months to come back. It ran the last month or two (through all of Fright Fest when they had the staff).

So far, the only explanation I've been given is a delay of the train coming out of winter rehab. It seems they are redoing the fiberglass shells to match the new color scheme. I know, a lame excuse but I'm glad they are at least doing it. Most likely, they are swamped with all of the other projects going on as well.

Anybody notice Musik Express repainted with all the lights finally working? How about all the lights working on Spin Meister? Yes, this will be a great season. They are paying close attention to detail AND customer service.

I would expect every single ride operational by the time the real summer season kicks in (Memorial Weekend).

edit: I should have noted that the Robin side of Chiller ran fine all last season and has been operational all of this season so far. I was actually shocked to see them running it during CAD with the cold weather since this ride tends to saddle easily. *** Edited 4/24/2005 6:50:35 PM UTC by RTneedsTLC***

So I should expect the ride to be open soon? or not

BTW thanks for the responces

-Jeremy Laps on Kingda Ka: TBD Coastes/ Parks: 147/28 lol more than *pixie*
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I decided to post this here because I didn't see the need to post a new topic, but how are crowds at SFGAdv on Saturday's in the middle of May, i.e. the 14th?

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