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Okay, so I don't think I'm going to be able to get to 50 coasters by the end of this season, but I came darn close. I would have been up to 46 by the end of today, but just as I decided to suck it up and ride Kingda Ka, it broke down and still had a three hour wait. Plus, Dark Knight never had a line under an hour, and I heard so many negative things about it that I just couldn't see wasting the time. Next time I do GAdv, I will hit Dark Knight first because everyone else runs to Ka.

I took a different approach to riding today, plus I actually had a friend with me (typically travel by myself). I still did Superman first with her, but I made her ride the back car with me instead of waiting for the front seat. I noticed that this ride, along with Medusa, really benefitted from a back seat ride. The drop on Superman was much stronger feeling from the back car, and the pretzel loop was phenomenal. Still not a ride I care for enough to ride if I have to wait past the stairs, but I had much more fun this time around.

Next we went over to El Toro and Rolling Thunder. Again, Ivory wanted to ride in the front seat, but I made her sit in the back ("trust me on this one" I told her). We flew up that lift hill, and as we crested, she started yelling at me, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Jax, I'm gonna kill you dead. Ima KILL YOU." Our first ride through El Toro together was hysterical because she was wigging out and could not find a single word to describe her experience afterwards. She was reduced to incoherent mumbling patterns really. El Toro immediately topped off her coaster list.

Ivory then dragged me on Rolling Thunder. Urgh. Whoever said (or did anyone NOT say this?) that the ride should be torn down was 100% correct. I didn't find it to be rough at all, just extraordinarily dull, without more than 1 hop for airtime, and it sounds like crap with all its screeching and groaning. It needs to be put out of its misery. It made me sad to see what Rolling Thunder has become because I used to like it.

Medusa was a walk-on at 12, so we rode it twice, the second time in the very back seat. Again, Medusa truly benefitted from the back car experience. Lots of little hops, tons of G's. I enjoyed it much more thoroughly this time around. Then we ate at the nearby grill/cafeteria that had a Western theme. While the food was pretty tasty, the line moved so slow that the patrons were joking around that they were out back killing chickens and cows themselves for the food. Plus, a checkout clerk got downright belligerent with a patron ("Excuse me, but do I need a wristband to get my free refills on my drink?" "I GAVE you a free refill!" "Yes, I know, but I was wondering if I need a wristband because I thought I did." "I GAVE you a refill, so why are you asking me if you need a wristband?")

I took a fellow Buzzer's advice and rode the back seat of Skull Mountain next. That teeny little drop felt five times as big and we got some pretty kickass airtime at least once in there. Had much more fun as a backseat rider this time too.

I'm a total convert from front to back seat. Ivory likes both....I WOULD like to ride El Toro on the front car just to see the difference. Anyway, we hoppd on Nitro next, and this time, Ivory was freaking out so bad and screaming so much that I was pounding the restraint with my fist and laughing so hard that tears were streaming down my face during the whole Nitro episode. Even as we sat waiting to get off the ride, I couldn't ask her how she liked the ride because I would open my mouth and more giggles would just stream right out.

We hit GASM next...that one needs to go too. The restraints are nearly useless (I slid half my fat body out the side of the restraint during an exceptionally brutal period), and the ride itself is so rough with the headbanging that I actually had to stop riding rides for a good half an hour to recupe. Plus, then I waited in line for Batman and nearly passed out because I felt so sick. The cool blasts of air in the Batman waiting area helped me though, and while the back car of Batman the Ride was exceptionally rough for the headbanging, it was also the most fun I'd had on BTR so far.

Then we alternated between Nitro and El Toro, squeezing in another ride of each before leaving. Crowds were mostly the fault of many school groups, but even then, our typical waits were only 10-20 minutes (longer when people STILL tried to get around the strict no loose articles rule that was announced all over the place in the park). EVERY SINGLE RIDE WITH LOCKERS ALWAYS HAD AT LEAST TWO MORONS STILL TRYING TO DROP THEIR SHOES, BAGS, SUNGLASSES, AND DRINKS ON THE PLATFORM. There has to be a better system. I myself am getting the hang of the lockers, squeezing in as many rides as possible before moving my stuff to a closer locker. I think I only spent about 8 dollars on lockers instead of 14 or 15. Still, as long as the lockers are the policy, load times on rides will suffer.

I sound like a negative person, I know, and I'm sorry. This park visit was actually a blast, and except for the crabby food service worker, I could not fault SF. Plus, as I purchased the preferred parking, we walked right out to my car practically next to the gate, and Ivory remarked that she was extremely glad to have the preferred parking, even if it was more money. It may be a gouging of our funds, but it's still nice to have the option to park somewhere not a million miles away (Dorney only allows special parking if you are a season pass holder) when you are run ragged. I'd say don't do it every day, but if you're splurging, this is a nice option. *** Edited 6/21/2008 1:14:04 AM UTC by bunky666***

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

I thought Dorney got rid of the season pass lot for the new wavepool?

I'm surprised there were so many school groups there, considering it seems kind of late for them but I guess it only takes a few large groups to make the park crowded.

Nope, can still park in the top lot for Dorney.

Yeah, most of the school groups were leaving around 6 pm, but as we had to leave too, I didn't get to see if there was a benefit to them leaving. I did notice that one huge group in particular was ridiculous with the line jumping, and when they got in trouble, the chaperones would argue with security. There had to be about 50 of them at least, and they all were line jumpers. Grrrrr...

I'm grumpy today! Sorry...

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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