SF comercials for 07

Here is some comercials for 3 SFs parks for 07. IMO Fiesta Texas is the best one IMO.


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Where is Mr six?

I agree, the fiesta Texas commercial is the best one.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Interesting. DK and GA make a point of appealing to families right in line with Shapiro's vision. FT is aimed squarely at teenagers. If my family lived in San Antonio, that commercial would steer us to Sea World.
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I thought exactly the same thing, BogeyMon.

^They are showing two commercials for each park. One is for the moms, and the other is for teens/tweens. That's an example of the teens/tweens.

I thought the DK was poorly done. It looked horrible.

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Apparently the SFFT commercial's working. I got stuck in Fiesta Texas traffic yesterday going to lunch... and I work 10 miles from the park. I heard there was an overflow parking situation.

Only one more day of spring break and things are back to normal. Sorry, kids... you'll understand when you're older, trying to get to an eatery, and it ends up taking you 30 minutes to go five miles.

On SFFT commercial was it my or did they add a bunch of coasters to their commercial that are at other parks?

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Wheres Mr.Six heys the best dancer ever. It's good that they are appeling more with the familys, with the Animals and the the new Wiggles World/ Tomas and friends areas.

Timbers crew 08

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Mr. Six was forced into retirement...he had too much of the stink of the old regime (or was that Vicks and mothballs)? ;)

Audioslaved said:
On SFFT commercial was it my or did they add a bunch of coasters to their commercial that are at other parks?

Yes, they did. One of the rides is Excalibur like from SFStL. Superman is that commercial from SFA, or the other park that has that ride. It's a completely generic commercial. They are probably going to show this same commercial for other parks. They just will change the name of the park.

I like the look of all three - they each had a specific point and they made it. Think beyond being a coaster enthusiast and think about the target consumer.

The DK ad looked like a BGA ad, and that's a positive thing. If you want families, you need to appeal to them. This clearly does.

FT's approach was to attract Spring Breakers. If you want students, don't push the family stuff, push the thrills.

Finally, the GA ad was a nice mix of both. Compared to previous years ad, these are much much better.

Now the key will be living up to the expectations - without gouging the wallet.

". . . don't you know baby that life is a scream!" - Gordon Gano

Interesting, I guess I don't pay enough attention to SF, but the whole "season pass that pays for itself in less then 2 visits" thing, Aren't they trying to get away from that? I like the new commercials though, especially Discovery Kingdom's.

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The Fiesta Texas was definitely the generic commercial, but I thought it was very cool. I liked the menacing War of the World (remake) THBS-colored footers:) Some rides were very distinct like the TopSpin that almost takes their heads off (that was cool), Kingda Ka's frame, the 1st-generation Intamin freefall and Xcalibur moving at lightning speed.

I also think I caught S:ROS from SFNE with a CG floorless train, El Toro, Titan or Goliath (but most likely Goliath since a white-wooden coaster shows up briefly), an SLC in the background (or is it X or Batwing?--really hard to tell). The 2nd-generation freefall tower looks like it was either colored-in or CG-generated.

In the very left corner at the end of the commercial you can see a glimpse of Tony Hawk's Big Spin. There's also a flat-ride that I can't identify towards the beginning of the commercial. All I can say is that someone spent an awful lot of time for thirty-seconds of commercial.

I thought the DK verison was most interesting; it focused on the connection between the guest and the animal attractions, which I thought was pretty interesting.

the videos arent working for me for some reason
The videos are in .wmv format. I'm using a plug-in called Flip4Mac to play .wmv files back in Quicktime, and the videos are strange.

Sometimes I would have to let them advance about half-way and then rewind them and everything would be fine. So give that a try. They may be just big files.

1. Fiesta Texas

2. Discovery Kingdom

3. In a surprising bottom Great Adventure. Suprising considering this is the park with the world record-holding rollercoaster for height & speed. DISAPPOINTING

^But what's disappointing about the Great Adventure commercial? It starts out with Kingda Ka and moves to El Toro! What, do you think they should've spent all the commercial time on Kingda Ka, and ignored the Wiggles World area, and the safari? That would be pretty short-sighted.
That wood coaster in the Great Adventure commercial is The Boss at Six Flags St. Louis.
I'm glad to see Mr. Six has gone away. I truly hated that thing.

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