Several Disney theme park execs depart or are laid-off

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Walt Disney Co.'s theme-park division has lost at least five executives in recent weeks. The executives — who together have more than seven decades of experience with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts — have left or announced their intention to leave the company in recent weeks, either for new jobs or because of layoffs. Among the highest-profile departures: Brian Britton, vice president of global park operations and planning for Disney's parks business.

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Wonder if any of these execs were canned due to the Avatar debacle.

"Look at us spinning out in the madness of a roller coaster" - Dave Matthews Band

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What debacle is that? They're still building it.

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That's the debacle.

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How's that a debacle? It's not like the Imagineers can pop over to Home Depot and pick up Avatar set pieces.

Yeah but after all this time you would think they would at least be moving dirt.

They do not feel like they have to spend to keep up

They feel they have full park most of the time why get involved in a spending war with Universal .

I wonder if this has anything to do with Universals announcement yesterday.That revenue is way up.

It seems like Disney execs were job scared.I can't spend money on a new ride/attraction because if it doesn't work/turn out well I could get fired.Well they got fired anyway.

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I have a feeling robotfactory's comment is going over more than a few heads.

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Well, to be fair, it is a debacle "still in the making." ;)

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Lord Gonchar said:

I have a feeling robotfactory's comment is going over more than a few heads.

Thread should've ended after his comment.

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Agreed. Obviously if the company thinks it's a good idea, people involved would be given kudos, not shown the door. Doesn't even matter most people here think it's a bad idea.

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Anyone care to tell me where I can find a thread here with CB members opinion on Avatar at Disney? I can't find anything with the search.


Thanks for the link.

I think I figured out the search on this site.

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Avatar is so 2009.

robotfactory said:
That's the debacle.


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