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Quite possibly the dumbest article I have ever read regarding the amusement industry.

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That's pretty terrible for a journalist to point out such [made-up] arbitrary dangers. You can encounter all of those risks by living day to day. Bad publicity at it's finest.

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What's made up about it? He got his information from industry sources. I thought the article was kind of cool in the fact that, here, someone has actually pointed out that our own stupidity is the biggest reason for injury, not the rides.

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It is pretty bad, but at the same time, there are truths in there. Just a little (or lot) exaggerated.

I liked this one:

"Another problem Ball sees is thrill-seekers who've been at the park all day or have season passes and start to disobey the rules (stand up, climb into unauthorized areas) in search of greater excitement. " We've seen the consequences of that.

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We should all just stay in bed. It's safer that way.

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^ Safer? What about the damn bed bugs? ;)

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This article insinuates with one word that all wooden roller coasters are old.

Coming back the next day to pick up your lost items that park personnel retrieved that morning is dangerous? Stupid article... lol

Also, I didn't know that when cars "slip the tracks", whatever that means, that they can sever hydraulic lines and spray hydraulic fluid all over the guests. Didn't something like that happen in Final Destination 4? Terrifying! lol

The author forgot to mention when full trains are flying off the track and landing into lakes and people can't get out because the shoulder harness will not release and they all drown. Or what about when people fall out when the coasters go up-side-down? He also forgot to mention the dangers of eating a corn dog on a swinging ship and getting choked on the stick? Or the heart attacks that occur at Dollywood's Wild Eagle gift shop when people read just how much a souvenir photo costs?

I suppose that there some informative points in the article, but they are things that most of us already know.

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I was disappointed he didn't go into the very real dangers of permanent gravy stains.

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LostKause said:

Didn't something like that happen in Final Destination 3 ? Terrifying! lol

FTFY, Krause.

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While these things COULD happen, I am more concerned that I will walk out my door and a bird will fall from the sky and hit me in the head than any of these possibilities.

However I was mildly entertained by the closing line about the Bengal tiger. :)

I personally know of one incident of a blown hydraulic line on a Trabant that started a fire while it was running. Of course there is the Youtube video of the Enterprise in Europe that had that happen while it was in the up position. Really spectacular looking while it was running, but as soon as it came down and the pumps stopped the fire went out.....

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Dutchman said:

Of course there is the Youtube video of the Enterprise in Europe that had that happen while it was in the up position.

Do you have that link, by chance?

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This webpage comes to mind:

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

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Now I'm thristy. ;-)

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Fun read!

Actually, flying cell phones and other items scare me more than any ride! I've almost been hit several times. I am surprised the article didn't mention those annoying and potentially dangerous basketballs!

I almost forgot about that shooting at Six Flags America in 2005. I was there but left about two hours before that happened. From what I remember it was PACKED that day, which is probably why I left early.


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I've been hit several times before. I'll never forget the time on Intimdiator and this guys wallet opened and coins hit everybody on the train.

Cedar Point will always be The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, regardless of the number of coasters they have.

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Ouch! I've been hit with coins, and a hat. I was almost hit with vomit once.


Never been hit with anything on a coaster, but was repeatedly pegged with quarters on a Zipper ride. Can't even imagine being hit with money or a cell phone at full speed. Ugh!

Who was it on here that got pegged in the face with a cell, ended up needing stitches, but got awesome revenge by keeping the assclown's phone?

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Two years ago I'm riding up the lift on Blue Streak at Cedar Point when the train stops. A moment later a ride operator walks up next to the train to talk to the teenage girl in the seat right in front of me. He explains that photography on rides is prohibited and she would need to give the camera to him. That's when I noticed the camera she was holding. It wasn't a pocket camera or a cellphone. It was an SLR with a huge lens. It was ginormous. I'm not sure how she managed to get it past the ride ops at the station. Anyways, he tells her that it is a misdemeanor it Ohio. She says, "But we're from Michigan."

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