Sept. 17/05 MarineLand Trip Report

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Arrived at the front gates at 1:00 pm, and bought the ticket. First off, the King Waldorf Show to the left. Before the show started, one of the show employees was swimming in the water and made guests laugh. He even sprayed some of the audience with the water hose. Anyway, the show was good and funny. After the show ended, I prepared for the long walk to the top of the Sky Screamer mountain. Worth the walk. 2 towers were operating. Man, Sky Screamer is the best drop ride ever. Plus comfortable for someone my height, 6'2. PCW Drop Zone Restraints killed my shoulders. Sky Screamer was so awesome that I took 15 consecutive rides. I don't want to offend Cedar Point fans, but from my experience, I find Sky Screamer better than Power Tower. While on Sky Screamer, I got a look at Dragon Mountain. Saw the train on the bowtie inversion, so I headed for Dragon Mountain. Got into the station, and queued up for the front, row 1.1 . Noticed only 1 train was running. Also, while waiting, I saw that the back seats had about a 6 train wait while the front seats had a 1-2 train wait. Never seen that before. Row 1.1 had a 2 train wait. Dragon Mountain's lift hill took a minute. Also, this the best themed Arrow Looper I ever been on. The tunnels were awesome. The bowtie out of the 2nd tunnel was unbelievable. Because of the short wait for the front, I took 30 more rides. Sky Screamer and Dragon Mountain are worth the visit to the park. Next was Magic, the ride close to Dragon Mountain. 2 minute wait. I don't know why there is a bear scenery for the ride. Took 10 rides. Next was Kandu's Twister. Spinner ride. Took 7 rides. Wave Swinger was after that, and I took 8 rides. Bought a Pepsi, then headed for Space Avenger. 11 rides. Flying Dragon was next, and I took 17 rides because of the thrill this ride gives. Stomach feeling on this ride. I stayed in the park until 7:00 pm. Decided for 10 more Sky Screamer rides, so I again walked to the top. 1 minute wait. Before I left the park, I decided to take an additional 20 rides on Dragon Mountain. The front now had a 1 train wait, but the back had about a 9 train wait. I don't know why people like to sit in the back on Dragon Mountain. Also, Dragon Mountain and The Viper at Six Flags Darien Lake are 2 awesome classic looping roller coasters. A fun day at MarineLand! Next visit will be in 2 weeks.

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