Senior Road Trip report- part 1 Las Vegas 6-13 -15

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Saturday, June 22, 2002 9:54 PM

3 of my friends and I returned home from our senior road trip yesterday. We live near Salt Lake, so Vegas was about 6-7 hours away, except for us, it took longer, the 2 hour delay we had in southern Utah beacause of a broken down car made it about 9 hours, but after we got a rental car, things worked out and we were in Vegas.

I can't say enough about this city on how much I love it. So much excitement, so much to do, even at age 18 it's nearly impossible to get bored here. Anyway on to the coasters. This is over a 3 day span. rating is 1-10

Manhatten Express- didn't ride it, I may be cheap, but it's $10, and I haven't heard too grand of things coming from this coaster to fork up enough money that will buy me a descent buffet. Maybe next time.

Speed- 8/10, what a great ride. Admission is $8, but you get back to back rides for that. I'm an adrenaline junkie, so I love launch coasters and this launch is much more intense than I expected, the two separate launch places make it so the ride doesn't let up after the initial launch. This ride is smooth and fast, also the trip backwards is great, the only drawback is how it slows down before the loop, but I know why. the vertical spike on this was a lot of fun as well.

Canyon Blaster-7, nice coaster, any coaster that has no mid-course brakes always is a plus. This coaster has quite a punch, the drop isn't that big, but the inversions deliver quite well, good airtime after the second loop going into the turn. Also the fact that it is inside and it goes through tunnels adds to the experience of this coaster. Very smooth for an arrow.

Big Shot-10, like I said before, I'm an adrenaline junkie, and this ride gives me a better rush than I've ever had on any other ride. You just can't compare to being shot up off of a 1000 foot tower then seeing the beautiful sight of the vegas strip at night and its surrounding areas with your feet dangling. It's quite an experience. The ride itself is much better than any other space shot I've been on. The air you get coming back down is incredible, plus the second shot is almost as high as the first. I usually don't get nervous before riding something, but this is an exception.

Desperado- 8, ok, I know some of you don't like this ride, but to me the more wild a coaster is the more it adds to the coaster. I love this ride. It's not as rough as everyone says it is, but I really don't mind roughness. This coaster does throw you around a lot though, but I didn't get hurt. The first drop into the tunnel is awesome,and although shorter, I liked it better than Goliath's. The layout is very unique as well, unlike the other cloned or near cloned hypers. This coaster has some great airtime, great speed, the indoor helix adds to it as well.

Well there's part 1, Southern California trip report coming soon.



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