Selling coaster and park related items

Not sure if this is proper board posting etiquette, however it’s worth a shot.

I have been downsizing in life quite a bit of late, and as a part of that have decided to part with quite a chunk of my coaster and amusement park related paraphernalia that I have acquired over the years. I threw the items up on Ebay since I figured many coaster fans may enjoy having them.

There are many things up for auction right now that may be of interest to folks here. There are rare PKI, Cedar Point, Six Flags, etc etc etc pieces that may be welcome additions to collections.

There’s also a TON of really unique and rare Son of Beast items that I bet many of you have not seen before.

I posted this message here not to necessarily seek a profit, but I'd rather they go to the homes of friends and fellow enthusiasts that may enjoy them as much as I did.

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Why don't you remove the many vague links and just use:
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I've been advised that being a point for people to find auction stuff is not a good idea, so while I've never made it a written policy, I'd prefer not to host these kinds of links.


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