Seeking Stricker's/KI travel/hotel suggestions for Oct. 8-9

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So excited to finally get to Stricker's Grove! We're planning on going there Saturday October 8th, and then Kings Island Sunday October 9th. Looking for suggestions and hints... anything to avoid at certrain hours, or something we can't miss. Been to the park tons of times, but not in years and never for Halloween.

Also looking for a hotel near KI, there is a Hampton - which is usually a comfortable safe choice for me - but I also like a deal. I see a cheap Super 8, which are sometimes nice (that one by CP!) I also see some cheaper places south on the freeway - Hawthorne Suites and Kings Inn & Suites. Any suggestions?

Re: KI Sunday - I know it will be crowded.

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Last time I stayed in Mason, I made the mistake of staying at LaQuinta. One of the worst hotels I've ever been to. The entryway has your bathroom sink. My entire room was very dimly-lit so you can't see how bad or dirty it really is. I would have left if it weren't for everywhere being sold out that night.

I really like the Hamton and Tru near the park.

When I want to save money, I stay at Comfort Inn Northeast. I've never had a bad experience at any of those.

I stayed at Kirkwood Inn once this summer, and for an older place, it was a good experience. The breakfast was amazing, with a huge selection and a really interesting atmosphere!

Hope this helps.

Oh yeah, and Strickers is a lot of fun. Tornado was a huge surprise for me. I almost got to go there a few days ago. I'm going to try again this October.

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^Thanks Travis. I made a snap choice to go with the Hampton... pricey but it's guaranteed nicey.

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Be sure to check out Knoebel’s. It’s practically next door.

I have stayed at the Super 8 Mason on more than one trip. It's a good hotel for the price. I found nothing scary or off-putting about it. It has a nice breakfast as well. Enjoy your trip!

Are you going to a private event Saturday at Stricker's? Asking because their calendar shows the public admission day is Sunday Oct. 9. If you're going to the public day you'll need to swap your KI day to Sat and do Stricker's on Sunday.

BTW thanks for the reminder, marking that Sunday in my calendar now. I live 10 minutes from Stricker's.

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^Hmmm… looks like the open to the public day (customer appreciation day) is Saturday, October 8. Perhaps I’m reading it wrong?

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The parks Facebook Event Page says Sunday is the 8th. It seems to be a mistake. The 8th is a Saturday according to my calendar.

Wait- looks like they fixed it. The event is Sunday, October 9th.

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Thanks guys, looks like I’m gonna miss out on Stricker’s again this year. Glad I didn’t get all the way there first, like a friend and I did a couple years ago to Bay Beach in Green Bay… which had the exact same mistake on Facebook.

Unless… we go to King’s Island in the p.m. on Saturday and all day Sunday, with a break to run to Stricker’s for a few rides on Sunday. You guys think that is doable? I’m not one to rush around, but I really want to see Stricker’s.

Does KI still have a twilight admission? Probably not during Halloween… or decades.

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Stricker’s is a lovely little place, but you most certainly can do it as a side trip with KI. A few hours there is fine - it’s a very small, wonderfully family friendly (and very inexpensive) place.

We went August 14th and did the park for a few rides on each coaster, played all the games, won prizes at the Bowler Roller, had lunch, one last ride on Tornado, and then spent the rest of the day at KI. Completely doable.

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Yeah. I was only there for about two or three hours when I made my video. That was plenty of time to do what I wanted. I skipped many of the flat rides that I can ride anywhere though.

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