Section of New Jersey's Funtown Pier collapses in Hurricane Sandy

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About 50 feet of the Funtown Pier at Seaside Heights Boardwalk has collapsed and washed up on the beach as a pile of wooden beams and twisted fencing.

Read more from The Star-Ledger.

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I have my own power, furnished basement destroyed, almost saw my car underwater...but these pics nearly make me cry. I was just on the Seaside Boards one week ago today, playing Skee-Ball and Air Hockey at Lucky Leo's with my buddy in from Utah. Jon was also taking pictures of the ocean he never sees anymore. It's unreal to see this.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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This was where my family vacationed nearly every summer when I was growing up. That looper was the first coaster I remember marathoning (kind of). 20-some odd laps over the course of a few hours. I hope these piers can bounce back, but I get the feeling it may be awhile.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

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I'm surprised how relatively "together" the coaster at Casino Pier is. It almost looks like the entire ride dropped into the water all at once.

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Here's an AP helicopter video, shorter but shows both piers.

It seems miraculous that Funtown Pier's Ferris Wheel is still balanced up on those sticks. I wonder if when they rebuild these they develop a new structural system for these boardwalks and piers that can withstand the strength of another Sandy.

HEre is local news video from chopper over pier.


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^Skycoaster's still on sticks too. And why did they decide to leave their Top Spin ride in that position? Is that more aerodynamic or something?

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My dad's family had a house a couple miles up from Seaside, I vaguely remember Lucky Leo's, etc., from the 70s. I even walked down there a few times in my teens in the early 80s. Been back many times and to LBI several times more recently...can't imagine what the Shore will look like in the future.

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