Second S&S Thrust Air under construction in Japan

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Hold on to your chair, this looks like it'll be a big one. It appears that Fujikyu-Highland is building an S&S Thrust Air. This one already looks like it'll be a lot taller than the one at Kings Dominion, seeing as how this machine will have three towers.

See the photos at Cobra Roll.

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Oh my God those supports look huge - nothing like Hypersonic. How tall is it supposed to be?

And 107 what, like 2 seconds....? That could rip your face off.
It's official...this is the first full-circuit coaster to exceed 100mph & no wonder the turnaround is massive! Also note the pull-up & pull-out curves look to be identical unlike Hypersonic. I'm not surprised as the Japanese love extreme stuff. Anyone seen their 'extreme' games on TV?

Assuming this one matches Hypersonic's acceleration rate, it would hit 107mph in 2.4 secs. It could be more like 3 secs, I have no idea. Just that STE takes 7 secs to reach 100mph!

BTW, this is nothing compared to Top-Fuel Drag Racing. The record is something like zero to 300mph in 4.8 secs over the quarter-mile. I calculated the tower for this to be approx. 3000ft!!! (To near stop at top). 200mph = 1300ft.
Nothing happened for me. Did someone pull the pictures already? A got a 404 message.
They may build it, but thier economy and attendance issues are far worse than ours, will they take care of it, you know?
I got the 404 message too -- help!

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Pictures are working for me now.

"How tall is it supposed to be?"

I believe Stan Checketts whispered something about 320 feet in an interview recently, and that seems to correspond with 107mph, which is also supposedly in around 3 seconds.

I'm just beside myself with excitement! I think I'll be taking about 20 rolls of film to Fujikyu-Highland come August.

p_c_r: Why do you say that their economy and attendence are far worse off than ours? The buisnesmen who run the Japanese parks wouldn't buid record numbers of coasters if it wasn't a good financial decision, especially when they build one that costs $50 million! My Japanese friends tell me that they see increasing crowds in all the Japanesse parks they visit, and that prices are much steeper than ours. ($10 a ride for big things, or a $50 ride all day, in many cases.)

- Peabody
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I got the same 404 error message with NETSCAPE. But, when I use IE 5.5, the pictures come up great!

Again, that's a problem with Netscpape as far as Custom Style Sheets go (CSS). if you look at the link :

So, that's why. The pictures are out there, but you need IE to view them.

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PGA's next right? :)

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It's gonna be 98 M (324 ft) high!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dang! I'm going to PKD to ride Hypersonic for the first time on Thursday... then I see this! It's a little disappointing! Oh well, it's all good. ;)

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The New ThrustAir looks to be a an extreme coaster riders dream, hopefully there will be a park here in the U.S. that has the courage to build such a monster.

Make sure you check out the new pics for Expedition Ge-Force on Cobra Roll as well! I remember everyone here at the buzz was drooling when the pics of the first drop started circulating. Now look all that beautiful orange box track weaving in and out of the trees, Wow! Its not even done and I'd already rather get a ride on ExGe-Force more than a certain Giga and it's Hyper kin here in the states.

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That seems like it can be beat easily on another Thrust Air.


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I just know we're gonna hear yelps of discontent from people that still think it's not fair to say it's the fastest coaster ever because it's got a launch. Oh well...

Looks big, and I can only hope but envision a 300 foot drop STRAIGHT DOWN. Wow.

It's coming...
I'll say this for everyone I'm going to JAPAM
"That seems like it can be beat easily on another Thrust Air. "
Yeah, in addition to this one, Stan Checketts has said that he is working on one that will go "WAY" over 100mph. That guy is insane! :)

- Peabody
I see Hypersonic is old news...YEA RIGHT! I am not getting to Japan any time soon, so HyperSonic is plenty good for me.

If I go to Japan, then sure, I will ride, but I ain't gonna DayDream all through school over one coaster thats thousands of miles away! NEVER!

Enjoy what I have, and want more!

*Edit* If you ask me, there is nothing special in those pics...Picture of a Turn...Just like Clear Eyes, Unenthusiastic WoW! */Edit*
HaVe YoU hUgGeD yOuR rOlLeR cOaStEr ToDaY?
OoOoOo...Rolly Coaster!
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Looks like someone is jealous and worked up since HyperSonic isn't getting all the attention anymore... Cough cough.

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It looks pretty cool,but I really doubt it'll pull the airtime that hypersonic does.
You can more less tell by looking at how wide the tower is gonna be,but that drop is gonna be pretty cool.:)
Hopefully they'll build one in the states with the width of Hypersonic's tower and the height of this one....:) *** This post was edited by DirtyVern on 5/26/2001. ***

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