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Saturday, May 25, 2002 8:58 AM

Even though it has been a month, I remember it like it was yesterday.

We were supposed to arrive at the park at 10 when it opened, but we arrived at 9:30. Me and my group of 5 of my friends set off. They let us in the front gate, but we had to wait by the entrance until 10. On the back of our park maps we read discouraging news: The coasters would not open until 11. While our original plan was to hit Great White first then Steel Eel, we decided to see the first show of the day, which was "Fools with Tools" at 10:30. While walking there, the sound of a chain started and soon a train on Steel Eel took a test run. Everyone stoped, and I mean everyone stoped to watch. We proceded to where "FWT" was but noticed a lot of people standing around.

At first we thought that they were not opening the section of the park until 11, but we soon realized that only the ride section was closed. We proceded to the show. Here is a tip: arrive at Fools With Tools a bout 20 minutes early for the pre-show. It is the funniest thing I have ever seen at a park! The show was a very funny show. I reccomend it. This wound up being the only show we saw that day, which dissappointed me.

At 10 till 11 the show was over. We were walking out when one member of our group went to get a drink. Another group was getting a drink and he joined them. Down to 5. Another person in our group went to use the bathroom, but never came back. Down to 4. We proceded to Steel Eel were they had still not opened the path. We waited for a couple of minutes when they opened it. Everyone ran to Steel Eel, as we did also.

I will rate the rides on a scale of 1-10

*STEEL EEL* - 9.1-Having never been on a hyper or a Morgan coaster, I did not know what to expect. Me and one of my friends went straight to the back row. The line was about 15 minutes with only 1 train on. The other two people in our group did not want to sit in the back. They waited for the middle and got on the train in front of us. Now one of them had NEVER ridden a coaster bafore that and the other would ride most but did not care for them. They came back smiling, so we knew it was a good ride. We got on the train, ready to go. I really like the restraints on this ride. We were off. The chain lift went faster than I expected it to go. The first drop was awesome! The second hill had some airtime on it, which I really like. The third drop on this ride I was nearly standing the entire way down! The bunnyhops on the way back brovided plenty of Airtime! I rode this a total of seven times that day.

After SE, one of the people in my group wanted to ride GW. He had been to SeaWorld a few years back and loved GW. I had not seen a train run all day, and was worried it may not be open. A train the started up GW's lift, and I was excited.

*Great White*-8- I was sad. I had necer been on an Invert, or a B&M before this date. We got in line for the second row and waited about 5 minutes. This ride was a lot more intense than I thought it would be! The In Line Twist was an amazing feeling. I had to count of .5 points for the headbanging on the first cork. I now see why this ride has been cloned everywhere! I rode this 5 times.

We also rode the log flume Texas Splashdown and it was fun. The prices were actually higer here than they were at SFFT, which I visited the next day (TR coming soon).

I have posted a few pictures at . I will post more throughout today and the coming days.

New coasters in 02 so far: SE,GW(SWSA) SKC Rattler, RoadExp,Boomerang:CtC(SFFT)

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Saturday, May 25, 2002 7:03 PM
Headbanging on a Batman clone? Shame on you, Sea World! The original at SFGAm is as smooth as glass 10 years after it opened! In the 7 or 8 years I've been riding the original, my head came into contact with the restraint less than 3 times.

Whats more reliable? Deja Vu, or RCT running without a trapper error?

Saturday, May 25, 2002 11:35 PM
The 27 rides I had on Steel Eel last summer and the 14 or so I had on GW were VERY memorable.

I think coaster enthusiasts tend to bash SE too much. It really is a good airtime filled ride. Especially that incredible third drop!

Most enthusiasts are jaded in their opinions of SE because they've already been on so many other great Hypercoasters that SE doesn't seem like much by compairison.

BTW, SE isn't a true Hyper. It's first drop is only 150ft. Hypers are usally over 200ft. Titan at SFoT for example has a fist drop of 255ft, more than 100ft longer than SE.

I affectionately refer to SE as a "Mini-Hyper".


Sunday, May 26, 2002 3:05 PM
Steel Eel, the msotbeautiful coaster on 220 legs. It's has a better locastion than any hyper I've seen. Sure, it doesn't have the extra 50 feet, but look at this painting and you'll see the seen that I love so much on this ride. Steel Eel is a tiny bit rough, but my only real complaint is the Morgan enclosed boxes you ride in, great coaster but better trains needed. Mabye they should pay Intiman to build a Junior hyper at Sea World San Diego called Devil Ray.

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