SeaWorld San Diego sued by contractors building around new dive roller coaster

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A construction company hired to help build SeaWorld San Diego’s newest roller coaster has sued the theme park for withholding $3.3 million in payments for work on the thrill ride that was slated to open this summer.

Read more from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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I have never really looked deeply at the cost breakdowns for a coaster but 11 million seems like a lot considering it doesn’t include the physical coaster or the installation.

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California is probably the outlier in "normal" construction costs, given all the extra hoops parks have to jump through to even think about building something.

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That doesn't sound too crazy to me, especially since it includes the cost of the station which alone is likely around $3-5 million. That cost likely includes all the theming in and around the station which certainly isn't cheap either.


Yukon Striker may or may not have been $25M. It's not hard to imagine that almost half is beyond the steel/installation itself.

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Same thing happening in Tampa with RMC and Iron Gwazi construction.

The trick was to surrender to the flow.

Parks trying to preserve cash. Contractors protecting their interests. A lot of that happening in just about every industry.

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