SeaWorld San Diego planning a small roller coaster

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Just two months after opening Electric Eel, SeaWorld is already at work on another coaster it hopes to debut next year. While the San Diego park has made no formal announcements about the upcoming attraction, some details emerged in a report prepared by the California Coastal Commission, which will review the planned project next month. The commission notes it will be 22 feet tall.

Read more from The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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The commission notes that the unnamed coaster will be small in scale — 22 feet high and occupying 1.2 acres. It is being planned for the northwest portion of the park, inland of the Cirque Stadium, requiring demolition of a restroom facility.

SeaWorld San Diego spokesman David Koontz said Thursday that the coaster is still in the planning stage and would only reveal that the 2019 attraction will be a “horizontal coaster experience” that will traverse a figure-eight track.

Taking a page from the park’s newest coaster, a portion of the ride will include a feature where riders are inverted. The attraction will be in the northwest corner of the park near the Bayside Amphitheater and Aquaria touch pool and aquarium, Koontz said.

I'll bite. What is a 22-foot tall figure-eight "horizontal coaster experience" that has an inversion?

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Skywarp Horizon: (bottom of page)

That’ll pack ‘em in. /s

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22 feet doesn't always mean a drop of 22 feet, maybe it goes underground?

I think Fun is on the money. I appreciate that they have a cash crunch, but when other destination parks are heavily investing in major attractions, it feels like this won’t make a dent in their attendance deficit.

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Glad to see them investing continually. If they want to survive, they need to convert to a ride park, or more ride park than aquatic park I think. So when is that wood coaster coming? ;)

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