SeaWorld San Diego ending nightly fireworks, neighbors rejoice

Posted | Contributed by Jeff

Recently scrapping its heretofore trademark Shamu shows, the marine mammal theme park is also silencing, for now, its nightly summer fireworks displays. The cessation of SeaWorld's summertime pyrotechnics was hailed by long-time opponents as a major step forward.

Read more from San Diego Community News.

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What I find hilarious is that if you look at the real estate listings and builder advertising around me, the nightly fireworks are listed as a feature of the neighborhood.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

Yes, but you're not on the San Diego bay front, nimby capital of Southern CA. They are of the same group of people that buy ultra expensive houses knowingly under neath the flight path of Lindbergh Field and try to get the FAA and the airport authority to change how they do things to suite them. They are the same people that buy new condos within earshot of the Giant Dipper (which has been there since 1925) and complain about the noise to the city.

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