SeaWorld San Diego 12/28/05!

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Monday, January 2, 2006 12:12 AM
The following report is a severely condensed commentary on the attractions I find noteworthy. I’ve no time for detailed descriptions…I’ll settle for raw, uninhibited response with typical sarcasm noted…

Landscaping: Can Busch landscape a park or what?

Clydesdale Horses: Anybody else find it ironic that the sea park’s greatest attraction is a land mammal? The Donkey and Dalmatian are the icing…

Shamu Show: Can you say snooze fest? They need to bring back hoops and twisting flips. The construction to the viewing area leaves post-show traffic congestion unbearable…

Atlantis: This ride sucks as much as it did when it opened. The new addition is dried mucous stains on the elevator screen scenes. It really adds to the experience.

Wild Arctic: If there is a better animal display ANYWHERE…please email me! I skipped the boring motion simulator!

Shipwreck Rapids: If not for IOA and Popeye…this would be the greatest themed water rapids ride on the planet…at least the USA!

Clyde and Seamore: Not even the animal lover in me can overcome the boredom I experience at all of the Sea World’s otter/Sea Lion shows!

Dolphin Show: Best show in the park. Everything Shamu isn’t! The kind of jumping/twisting tricks that drives PETA guy to burn down apartment buildings…

Pets Rule: Missed it…you try doing a whole park with a 21 month old!!!!

Manatee Rescue: Three water cows…? Go to Orlando for this one!

Shark Encounter: This tube was at least 20 feet long! :-(

Penguin Encounter: Anybody who does not enjoy watching the fat one’s waddle…well lets just say you aint no friend of mine!

…went to the San Diego Zoo the day before…they do not call it the best for nothing…I’m too tired to give a zoo report…but needless to say…if you have never been…nah nah nah-nah-nah!

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