SeaWorld San Antonio announces Texas Stingray, a wooden roller coaster

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From the press release:

Today, SeaWorld San Antonio announced exciting details about Texas Stingray - the soon to be tallest, fastest and longest wooden roller coaster in the state of Texas, set to open in spring 2020. This record-breaking coaster, which will reach a top speed of 55 mph, will be located across from the new Turtle Reef exhibit between Orca Stadium and the Rio Loco river rapids ride.

“Texas Stingray marks a new wave of excitement for SeaWorld,” said SeaWorld San Antonio’s Vice President of General Services Scott Bacon. “We continue to provide new reasons to visit SeaWorld and offer exciting new adventures for our guests with a blend of thrilling rides, family attractions and incredible animal and educational experiences.”

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Just rode this coaster today for the first time. I feel like it’s flown under the radar a bit because it opened just a few weeks before the Pandemic started and Sea World San Antonio was closed a lot in 20-21.

Wasn’t expecting much, but wow. This coaster was incredible. Super fast and wicked. I actually was a little scared in spots. Might be in my top 5. Top 10 for sure. Check it out if your ever in San Antonio.

It's so good! Not my favorite GCI, but it's a wonderful solid experience. Love the unexpected use of terrain on the second half of the ride in particular. Pacing is stellar. The night rights were *chefs kiss*.

Reminded me some of Prowler at WoF.

But more compact and not nearly as many straightaways. Wickedly paced for sure. Never lets up. Loved the head choppers and the old school tunnel at the end too. Good stuff.

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