SeaWorld preparing to put trainers back in the water with orcas

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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is preparing to put trainers back in the water with its killer whales for the first time since a trainer was battered and drowned by the company's largest orca one year ago today. SeaWorld told the Orlando Sentinel on Wednesday that trainers in its three U.S. marine parks will begin limited "water work" with whales within the next few months, with the interactions initially restricted to small medical pools equipped with false-bottom floors that can be lifted out of the water.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

That's corporate America for 'ya!

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How so?


We saw the show in September, and I have to say, it was boring without the trainers in the water. I understand why it has to be that way, but here's hoping they will eventually be able to get back in the water for performances.

Jeff Young

kpjb said:
How so?

Out for money and not caring about ANYTHING ELSE.

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Well, you certainly showed me. Thanks for the informative contribution.


I'm usually pretty quick to rip on "corporate America", but that's a stretch even for me.

I do have to imagine the show is not quite the same without the trainers in the water.

And then one day you find ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun

People have worked with animals for..well...forever. Heck, Eve listened to that snake and now we all have to wear clothes.

The Sea World trainers have been in the water with dolphins and whales for decades and while the event with Dawn was tragic she would have been the first to say the work should continue.

I would argue that the work Sea World has done to educate the world on sea life has benefitted sea life more significantly than the work of any other company or organization. Manatees in Florida are receiving much greater protections not to mention orcas and dolphins. And, whenever there is an ocean emergency you can be sure Sea World is part of the efforts to address it whether it is an oil spill or beached animals.

Is it corporate motive to continue interactive shows? No doubt. But talk to any animal trainer...anywhere...and you will immediately come to realize the passion they have for what they do and for the animals they work with.

I appreciate that the offensive post was removed. That was just pathetic.

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On the contrary, Eve did listen to the snake.

Uh, yeah...sometimes my fingers and my head don't seem to work in unison.

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