SeaWorld Parks sued for allegedly stolen attraction designs

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An Oviedo entertainment company is suing SeaWorld, its parent companies and affiliated parks, accusing executives of using copyrighted designs in some their major attractions without paying for them. Revere Entertainment Studios filed the lawsuit in Orange County Circuit Court on Thursday. It says SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment used Revere's designs in several popular SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Tampa attractions, including the recently opened SeaWorld Aquatica water park.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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Link to the documents

Morgan & Morgan is the law firm in Orlando that's on TV all the time telling you to sue, I'm certain each town has one. Some of the images are similar, but also seem to be very obvious choices for a park called SeaWorld.

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If anything, Revere Entertainment is just as liable for copying ideas. If you look at the last item in the Busch Gardens exhibit, there's a concept design from Revere Entertainment that is an obvious ripoff of Expedition Everest. The copyright date of the concept is 2006, which is the exact same year that Everest opened.

A couple of the similarities are iffy at best, but most of them are downright laughable, such as the decorative banners at Aquatica, which look nothing like the banners in the concept art.

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This sounds like a design firm that lost the bid and wants to get paid anyway. It also seems to be a very dangerous thing to do, because win or lose, they'll be lucky to get into the board room of any other company.

What a business model: "Use us as your creative consultants, or we will sue you for stealing our ideas!"

Come to think of it, didn't another company pull a similar stunt recently?

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Man, that's hilarious stuff. I especially love that in their video (contained in the link that CPJ included), where they are selling their "design" ideas - the very first coaster image in that video is an EXACT digital composite of "X" (layout, track, cars, support system). Not even anything slightly altered.

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Wow is this a crock. Saw another comparison regarding aquatica. Their design is a strong rip of on Typhoon lagoon.

The side by side I found only one image that was really close and that's the first one for the show. but then again the show is similar to the Lion king and Nemo Musical.

Their website hardly mentions designs and themes for attractions. It's all about motion picture production. Maybe they decided they need more funding for their latest movie project.

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Everything in life is seeing how a company does something and then they do it or make it better... After all Disney has the fast pass system that works great. Universal has the Express pass that you have to pay for and Sea World has Quick Que. So does that mean SW and Universal stole Disney's ideas?
Just think this is just dumb lol.

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