SeaWorld Orlando ups one day price, but remains below Walt Disney World and Universal

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SeaWorld Orlando has raised ticket prices for the second time in less than a year, tacking another $2 on to the cost of a single-day pass — boosting the gate price to $81.99. SeaWorld's 2.5 percent increase comes three months after its bigger competitors, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando, each lifted basic, single-day prices to $84.99.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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I think this is starting to look like a race to the $100 mark. Any predictions when they will get there?

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Can I get the early line of May 2013? (Assuming of course none of the Armageddon predictions comes first)...

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2015 for WDW

...and I predicted that over four years ago.
(near the bottom of the post :) )

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2015 seems more likely to me. Besides, it gives us more time to buy cookies.

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