SeaWorld Orlando teasing new roller coaster for 2020

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This doesn't seem like news yet, but thankfully they're not going to wait forever between new coasters:

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"Takes flight?" Odd choice of words since they already have a flyer... and fish don't generally fly.


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Maybe a B&M dive or wing?

Mack Multi Launch and it's themed to a Sailfish is my guess.

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"Plunging Thrills?"

90 degree dive off of cliff into icy water?

That's a B+M Dive if I've ever seen one.

They already have one being built in San Diego. They seem to have a great relationship with B+M. There's a lot of water at the Orlando park that they could "dive" into.

Perhaps a dive (or wing) coaster with an arctic bird of prey theme that like Yukon Striker dives into a tunnel but a transparent underwater tunnel.

The leading rumor right now is that this will be a launch coaster, most likely from Premier.

The SeaWorld chain is definitely going big on CapEx next year, with all parks except Sesame Place adding new coasters. Hopefully this strategy works out, though I must say I'm a little concerned they might now be overcorrecting from their past years of limited ride investment.

Based on the key words they put in that video, I have to say it looks like a dive coaster.

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They put a premier Sky Rocket 2 in San Diego. It wouldn't be a huge stretch to imagine they put one in FL as well (though the chain as a whole seems to love custom rides, but Tempesto and Electric Eel I guess are clones).

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They just put one of those in down the road at BGT this year, though. I don't think they'd add them at parks so close only a year apart.


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You can find a YouTube video in which a lot of info, including the coasters location and layout, is revealed. I saw it a few days ago.


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