SeaWorld Orlando introduces simplified ticket pricing offers

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SeaWorld Entertainment has started a new pricing system, including $79 online tickets that visitors can use any day of the week. SeaWorld also now has a "length-of-stay" ticket allowing people access to four of SeaWorld's Florida parks for two weeks. The ticket also covers SeaWorld's water parks, Aquatica in Orlando and Adventure Island in Tampa. It costs $139 a month.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

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How does the "length-of-stay" ticket cost $139 a month when it only lasts two weeks? That is some strange wording. It's still a great value, especially for Florida parks.

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I think that's an error by the Sentinel. SeaWorld's website describes it as 14 days unlimited admission and free parking at SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Aquatica and Adventure Island; the ticket expires 14 days after first being used, with no mention of being priced by month.

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That 14-day deal is going to Mako a huge Splash with out-of-state visitors...

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Well good. It will justify the addition of the MCBR (and actually run three trains).

It's interesting that they eliminated the price differential for visiting on a weekday versus a weekend. I know dynamic pricing has been discussed as the way of the future, but SeaWorld seems to be stepping away from their very basic form of dynamic pricing, claiming the options were too confusing.

I do wonder how much weekend attendance differs from a weekday since most SeaWorld visitors are not locals. If you're vacationing in Orlando for a week, it doesn't matter to you what day of the week you visit the park. I would think the day of the week would have much less of an effect on attendance than it does at the local Six Flags.

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My two cents...

If larger competitors are moving towards dynamic and/or more complicated pricing structures, I think it makes sense for Sea World to go in the opposite direction: one day, two days, three days, 14 days; four prices. Easier to position as an easy add-on to a Disney or Uni vacation.

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Isn't there a 14-day ticket for USF, IoA, SWO, and BGT also? I recall in the early 00's it was $200.

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SeaWorld and Universal offer Orlando Flex tickets, offering 14 consecutive days unlimited admission to SeaWorld, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, Aquatica and Wet 'n Wild for $370 (adults); add Busch Gardens for $390 (adults).

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