SeaWorld Entertainment will license and develop park in Abu Dhabi

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SeaWorld today announced a partnership with the Abu Dhabi government-backed Miral to develop "a first-of-its-kind marine life theme park" to open by 2022. It will be on Abu Dhabi's manmade Yas Island. It will not have orcas.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel.

So let me get this straight......Sea World lays off hundreds of trainers and workers across the states, but then less than a week later they announce a new theme park in another country.

To top that there's no orcas of which are by the way in there logo. I wouldn't goto any Sea World without whale and dolphin shows. I don't goto Sea World for virtual reality or roller coasters. I go there for the live animal shows you can't find anywhere else. This is a sickening announcement.

The least they could do is create a new logo without there anchor attraction.....Orcas.

Turning Fantasy into Reality

3rd sentence of the linked article:

"Miral is funding the project. SeaWorld is licensing the brand and will incur no capital expense."

Reading the article is hard.

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Telling him to read the article is just sickening!

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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I'm outraged at the outrage over the outrage.

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It'll be interesting to see how they approach the animals within the park.

Temperatures in Abu Dhabi during the summer months can exceed 130F.

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Yeah but they use Celsius, so the temps are lower over there.

(You know how many issues a post has when the 6th response hasn't even gotten to the noninterchangeability of "there" and "their".)


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I see what you did they're.

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