SeaWorld Entertainment to build another Sesame Place theme park, option for more

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Amusement park firm SeaWorld Entertainment said Thursday that it would construct a second theme park based on the popular children's program Sesame Street. The second Sesame Place will be "in a U.S. location to be determined," SeaWorld said. The new theme park will open by mid-2021. The company has the option to build additional parks after that.

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Given the success of the Lego Land parks, and how well Sesame Place does, somewhat surprised this didn't happen a long time ago. Of course, if PBS loses all of its federal funding, Big Bird could be homeless, and then Oscar the Grouch will need to move to a trash can.... :~P

Seriously though, I think this is a good move, but location selection will be key.

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One story I read said that Sea World Orlando would be converting Shamu's Happy Harbor to a new Sesame Street Land. Doesn't make a lot of sense to then build a Sesame Street Theme Park in the same general vicinity. I'd bet that stand alone park goes elsewhere.

I used to live 30 minutes away from Sesame Place and when I would drive past the park to go to the mall next door, I was always surprised to see so many parking lots full of cars there were for how little space the park takes up.

When I used to visit, it was mostly waterslides and playground type attractions but it has become more of a regular park now with more dry rides.

There was a 2nd park in Texas that opened a few years after the original and it only lasted a couple of years.

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The OS does explain a re-theme in Orlando, and full park elsewhere:

I think that's the wrong move. Legoland has clearly cornered the market on that crowd as a separate gate, and people are willing to drive an hour to get to it. Imagine putting it right there off I-Drive.

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SeaWorld just doesn't learn. PITA will be protesting the mistreatment of Muppets as soon as this breaks ground.

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But then again, what do I know?

Why would the flatbread be so concerned about the treatment of Muppets?

Until the Sea World brand can be restored to something remotely positive (which may not be possible at this point), this might be a smart, and one of the few growth opportunities SeaWorld Entertainment has.

I could be wrong, but I'd bet that an average Sesame Place guest is either unaware that Sea World and Sesame Place are the same, or doesn't make the connection between the two. I haven't heard of many people boycotting Sesame Place after watching Blackfish or listening to or buying into any of the PETA rhetoric.

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But then again, what do I know?

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I don't buy the suggestion that the brand is irreparably harmed. It's not like the parks are suddenly empty. I also doubt many people understand that Busch Gardens is the same company.

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Even people who work for SeaWorld don't realize that Busch Gardens is the same company. And vice-versus. When I worked for Williamsburg people were always surprised when I mentioned SeaWorld and how we could get in with our employee ID's. When I worked at SeaWorld it's a bit more common since Tampa is just down the road but a lot of people still don't think they are the same owner, they just assume it's a ticket share like Universal.

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