SeaWorld Entertainment names new CFO

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SeaWorld Entertainment announced Friday that Michelle “Chelle” F. Adams has been named the new CFO and treasurer, effective immediately. Previous CFO Elizabeth Castro Gulacsy spent about one year in the role.

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Maybe they can combine her welcome and leaving drinks.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Place your bets... place your bets...

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I'd put the Over/Under at 10.5 months, and I'll take the under (I'm guessing 10).

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I'd take the Under. I say out by Mar 30, 2023.

She'll stay to get the annual audit and 10K done as it's a bad look to skip out before then (implies the numbers suck, and the Street doesn't like that kind of timing). Hard to praise the Board while you skip out before the biggest event of your financial calendar. However, she'll announce prior to annual meeting so as to give the replacement a clean slate to start.

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If I were an investor, I'm not sure sure I'd be thrilled with the selection of someone with quotes in their name.

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The quotes are in her name 'cause "chelle" be gone in 8 months.


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