SeaWorld Entertainment makes leadership changes

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SeaWorld Entertainment on Friday announced a sweeping shakeup in its executive team. Chief Parks Operations Daniel Brown is retiring. San Diego park President John Reilly will ascend to that position. Chief Zoological Officer Brad Andrews will become zoological director emeritus. The company's vice president of veterinary services, Chris Dold, will become chief zoological officer.

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I really don't see why this "sweeping shakeup" is even newsworthy.

Seems like a few executive positions are changing, that's all. Happens all the time.

One guy retired, another resigned, others get shuffled to fill the gaps. Seems pretty typical to me. Do people really expect the makeup of executive teams to remain in place forever?

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Two very prominent VP positions, at the same time, is not typical, and I wouldn't take "retirement" at face value. Sometimes that's code for, "We want to replace you."

Operations in particular have been horrible for years. I hope the new blood can make some visible changes.

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Especially given what has happened at San Antonio recently I definitely read at least one of those as not exactly a "voluntary" retirement.

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