SeaWorld Entertainment furloughs 90% of employees

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After closing its parks due to the coronavirus, SeaWorld Entertainment Co. announced Friday that it will furlough 90% of its workers without compensation. The workers will be temporarily furloughed without pay beginning April 1. Those employees will be eligible for unemployment benefits. SeaWorld officials did not say how long it expects parks to stay closed or when workers would be able to return.

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Some people on here have feared that the regional parks might fare the worst, however Seaworld has faced considerable erosion of its competitive advantage over the past decade. Coupled with slow operations, and decreasing stock prices I feel like they might be one of the park chains who struggle the most because of everything.

Seaworld Orlando recently is focusing on becoming a much more coaster oriented park, which is certainly an underserved market in Orlando, however I don't believe it has moved the needle as much as they were hoping for.

They really should attempt to recapture and redevelop around their core competency, which was always being a zoological park first. However public opinions and interest just might not be there anymore for this market.

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