SeaWorld Entertainment eliminating foam food service items from its parks

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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is removing products made of polystyrene foam from its 12 parks. Officials at the Florida-based theme park company said Tuesday the removal of bowls, plates and trays made of the material will prevent an estimated 14 million pieces of polystyrene foam products from entering the environment each year.

Read more from WKMG/Orlando.

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I could be wrong, but I thought they were already using plant based "plastic" ware. I wouldn't eat the fork, though.

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I ate at Busch Gardens the other day and I think the flatware was that compostable corn based stuff.

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I ate at SW Orlando the other day and didn't notice anything at all about the plastic fork and knife.

In other eco news, I drank from a paper straw in California recently and it was terrible. Every time I put it in my mouth I wondered if it was going to go limp and pulpy on me... uuuuhhh.... I may come back and edit that....

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Well, if it goes limp (and pulpy?), then you're doing it wrong.

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I thought Willy Wonka pioneered this back in the 70's?

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